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Planning the 2015 Writing Yoga Retreat

photo 5This winter’s been kind of brutal. Although not as bad as last winter, I’m still very much looking forward to the changing of the seasons and the coming of some warmer weather. And warmer weather, to me, means planning the Writing Yoga® Retreat! My colleague Stefanie Lipsey and I were in a meeting at The Glen Cove Mansion last week, working on some of the planning for this coming summer’s retreat, and as we walked around I couldn’t help but think about how far she and I have come in just a few short years. Stefanie and I had talked for years about running a retreat for writers, and incorporating yoga. Stefanie had already created the Writing Yoga website and had started leading Writing Yoga workshops.

Then in 2013 we planned and ran our first Writing Yoga Retreat. It ended up being quite small, just 6 people, but it. was. fabulous! Last year we offered the retreat again, and we reached our goal of having 10 people register. We smoothed out some of the bumps from our first year, added a couple of things, and the result? Another fabulous weekend. This year we’ve capped our registration at 15 participants. Stefanie and I like leading to a small group, the intimacy of it, having the opportunity to interact with our participants one on one.

But instead of me blabbing on and on about how terrific I think the Writing Yoga Retreat is, let me share what two of last year’s participants had to say…

This is from Pete Magsig, a writer from Illinois:

I was listening to Lily Allen’s Sheezus the other day, which happened to be the album I bought before the workshop, and the total-bubblegum-pop song “Air Balloon” flashed me back to last year. I suddenly remembered that I had this crazy burst of creativity following the workshop. It was huge, and on all fronts: music, writing, programming, and making things. That’s worth it right there. But the weekend also affords me the opportunity to brush shoulders with the business of writing. The editors dinner makes the whole “getting published” thing real, and my sit-down with you, Linda, was invaluable. These are things I do not have access to in my own writer’s circles. Other memories: I really loved the “readings” dinner. The “get inside your character’s skin” exercise was memorable. Sitting around and just talking. And there was one moment on the last day when we were doing yoga inside that really unleashed some mind-body catharsis for me. You know, the more I think about it, the whole weekend pretty much rocked.

And this from children’s book author Lisa Rose:

A lot of times I feel like conferences and retreats are one big race to see how many people I can meet and impress to further my career. The Writing Yoga Retreat is the opposite. You make connections with people not because they have a title, a best-selling book, or an award, but because you share a common love of writing and also move through life as a yogi. Yoga means “to come together” and that’s what we do as writing yogis. It doesn’t matter what genre we are or how many poses we can or cannot do. We come together to support each other on the mat and on the page. We just know that we are better together.

I’m very proud of what Stefanie and I have created and I can’t wait for the weekend of July 9th! I’m looking forward to being with the returning participants as well as meeting new people. Will you be one of those people? For more information about the Writing Yoga Retreat, please go to our website writingandyogaretreat.com or you can email us with questions at writingyogaretrat@gmail.com.

The Glen Cove Mansion Writing Yoga Retreat 2015

The Glen Cove Mansion
Writing Yoga Retreat 2015


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Fare thee well, 2014!

imgres2014 will be relegated to memory this week, and I for one won’t be sorry to see it go. As with many memories, I’m going to choose to look at the positive, glass half full, and all that. But no kidding, 2014 was a bit challenging over here in Linda-land. I’d like to try to wrap up this year standing in a place of gratitude, love and acknowledgment though.

But first, I’d really like to know who you are. Yes, YOU! I’ve been blogging for three years, blabbing about myself and writing and agenting and querying and all that. Who’s out there, reading this? If you’d be so kind, let me know who you are in the comments below. It can be something short and sweet like, “I’m a writer,” or “I’m your cousin,” or “We went to Junior High together.” I’d just really appreciate knowing who you are. (Yes, YOU!)

But back to auld lang syne-ing… I never know where to begin or end when speaking about the things for which I’m grateful, the people I love, or whom I’d like to acknowledge. Of course, there’s my family, and there truly are no words that could express, with even the lightest feather brush of a touch, my love for them. I am a very lucky woman to not only have been born into a family of (wacky yet) amazing people, but also to have married into a family of (crazy yet) awesome folks, and then alchemically created a family of (ridiculous yet) breathtaking gorgeousness. See? I don’t truly have the words. I may have used up my quota of superlatives and adjectives in this paragraph alone though, and I haven’t even gotten to my friends, clients, and business associates.

Image by Keith Haring

Image by Keith Haring

I think I’m pretty good at acknowledging my friends all through the year, but I’ll take just a tiny moment here to remind a few of them how brave and inspiring they are. To my friend who can run, and my friend who graduated, to my friend who is ending something, and my friend who’s dancing in the music: you are my heroes.

writingI pride myself on staying in communication with my clients, but let me say publicly that I look forward to another year of working with you. I can’t wait to be able to announce some of the year end deals we’ve been working on! I can’t wait until publishing wakes back up in January so I can hit the pavement running with the terrific manuscripts you’ve sent me! Please, hit me up with more! To those clients with whom I’ve parted ways this past year, know that I do wish you the best of success with your writing and I sincerely hope you’ll stay in touch.

Jennifer, and my colleagues at The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency, I’d like to say thanks for being the terrific bunch of nutters you all are! It wouldn’t be the same working in this industry without you all. No, really.

Now, there are my editor friends… And you know who you are! You’re the one who always sounds happy it’s me when I call. You’re the one who recognizes the weird thing that pops up on the caller ID from my cell phone. You’re the one who I’ve had drinks with. You’reimgres-1 the ones who’ve been to my Writing Yoga Retreat (or the ones who were so sad they couldn’t make it!). You’re the ones who are as eager as I am to find a project together, and the ones who are glad that we have one. You’re the one who I would buy presents for (if I didn’t think it was unethical) and that one who I met at that conference (where we had such a good time). You’re the one who didn’t get back to me on that submission (I forgive you, but please get back to me, ok?!) and we’re still buddies. To all of my editor friends, you make being in this business so much fun. Let’s do lunch or have a drink, ok?! 😉

I’m looking forward to doing more blogging in 2015, and I’ll be continuing the monthly Quick Questions interviews with editors and Inside Scoop: Dish from a Literary Agent Intern posts. Until next week and year then… Fare thee well, 2014!

Remember my request from paragraph 2? Tell me who you are, even if you think I already know that you read my blog. Thanks and peace out.


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Spring is in the air! What I’ll be doing on my summer vacation…

urlWhat will you do with your summer vacation? It’s not too early to plan. I swear I saw a sprig of green outside, just the other day (before the temperature dropped back down int0 the 20’s). Spring is officially here this week, folks! Which means it will start getting warm soon. And the days will get longer. And walks about town, or through the woods, or with your dogs, or to the store, might actually be pleasurable. As spring looms in the very near future, I can’t help but think about summer. Because sometimes I have difficulty being in the moment, and also because I like to have a plan. Summer is one of my favorite times of year (in my top 4). Publishing slows down a bit, so I get to take some time off, I read a ton, and I try to nurture myself. Here are two of the things I’m planning for the summer:

I’m going away. To write. That’s right. To write my own writing because I’m a writer. I need to take myself all the way out of my life to do this, because as you might know, I’m also an agent. 🙂 It’s not like I stop agenting when I focus on my own writing though. It’s just that I allow my own creative urges to move up a little on the hierarchy of what I’m set out to accomplish on a given day. And this summer I’ll be doing that in an exotic locale.

I’m running another Writing Yoga® Retreat with my buddy Stefanie Lipsey. Last year’s retreat was so lovely. We lead a small group of writers for the weekend in exploring a work in progress, getting our butts on the yoga mat, and finding connections between the two. We also had a lot of fun, laughed a lot, shared our work, made new friends, gossiped with some big time editors, and generally got rejuvenated and inspired. You can read a little bit about last year’s retreat here, here and here. If you’re considering attending this year’s retreat (August 14-17) please apply soon. Registration ends on March 31st, and if we don’t get enough participants we will have to cancel. You don’t need to be any particular level of writer, just committed and actively writing. Last year’s retreat included both agented and un-agented, published and unpublished participants. If you need more information, feel free to email questions.

So, what will you be doing this coming summer?



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