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Pre-pondering Book Expo America 2012

So tomorrow I will join the hordes of publishing professionals on our annual migration to 11th Avenue between 34th and 36th Streets in New York City… The Jacob Javitz Center… Book Expo America! There will be people there who have made an art out of acquiring ARCs. There will be 4th degree blackbelts in tote-bag procurement. There will be professional shmoozers and autographers and autograph grabbers. There will be some famous rock star authors whom I really, really love. And a few real rock stars, too! There will be high powered editors and marketers and other literary folk. And then there will be me.

I’ll be the agent in the comfy clothing (because I still haven’t lost that weight I want to lose) and the sensible shoes (because I still have foot problems), squinting at all the name badges because I probably won’t remember the names of even the people whom I know. I’ll be that deer in the headlights in the crowd. I’ll be the tongue-tied Barbara Kingsolver/John Green/Zadie Smith fan. I’ll be the hungry over-caffeinated person, because I’m almost certain there won’t be anything appropriate for this poor Celiac to eat.

I’m the man on the left…

But I’ll also be that agent who didn’t forget her business cards! (They’re already in my bag.) I’ll be that agent who wants to shake the hands of some of the editors I’ve only known via e-mail or Twitter, because I actually like to meet book people not just pitch them projects. I’ll be the one listening carefully at the Book Buzzes (is that even how you spell that?!) and crossing my fingers that those alphas don’t take all the ARCs. I’m looking forward to a few specific things, too. There’s a panel called Science Fiction & Mainstream – Crossing Over which I think will be really cool. And there’s one on Writing Strong Female Characters in Middle Grade Fiction, which I bet some of my clients could actually teach but which I’m very interested in attending.

If you’re not going, you can watch the author breakfasts streaming online. Do it! They’re fabulous! You can access the streaming by clicking right here:


So that’s where I’m at with BEA! If I haven’t had every gigawatt of emotional energy drained by the energy vampires that frequent these kinds of things, I’ll post again tomorrow.

What would you be looking forward to if you were going? Or what ARE you looking forward to?


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