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of course Bacon wrote Shakespeare; but so did everybody else, including (luckily) Shakespeare

“Yes, O.K., a lot of people could see similarities.”
GEORGINA BLOOMBERG, a professional horse jumper and the daughter of a billionaire mayor, speaking of her new book, about an award- winning equestrian with a billionaire father.

I had to laugh (just a little, not a full-blown LOL) because the New York Times can be so bitchy. The accompanying article was in the NY Region section, not the Books section or even Arts. And really, poor Georgina. I mean, if I wrote a novel featuring a Jewish woman from New York, with some kids, whose house was under construction, would anyone give a shit or cast aspersions on my writing or creativity? I  think not. I mean, doesn’t everyone say, “Write what you know”? Did anyone snidely say anything to Fitzgerald when he wrote about rich Princeton guys? How about Sylvia Plath writing about depressed chicks?

What do you think? How far do we have to travel from “real life” in our fiction? Do you consider pure fabrication “more legitimate” for fiction?


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