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What to Expect When You Finally Get an Agent: How Many Questions Can I Ask?

PART THREE (of a multi-part blog post)

Email-IconEven though you (Linda) were very clear that I could send you an email or ask for a phone call whenever I had questions–and that you encouraged me to come to you with them–I felt like it was different once the manuscript was sent in and in your hands. It felt like the ball was in your court and I wasn’t sure if I should let that run its course (wait for you to get back to me with what would happen next) or if I could start asking you about what I planned to do next. So, I’m thinking there might be some newbies like me who are thinking “Am I getting ahead of myself and bothering her when she’s clearly busy already trying to get through the first steps we agreed on?” Is it okay to come to you, when you’re in the beginning stages of working on a manuscript, with questions/requests for advice and opinions on what we’re working on next or should be doing?

1103361_telephone_icon_4This question is way longer than my answer, which is “yes.” I’m comfortable with a fair amount of communication (email preferable, but scheduling an occasional phone call is ok, too). But I think every agent is different, so it’s not a bad idea to find out what the ground rules are for your agent. When I say to my clients at the beginning of our relationship that whenever they have questions they can email or we can schedule a call, what I really mean is “we can email or we can schedule a call.” I’m also on Facebook, Twitter, and blabbing over here on the blog.

Yes, I’m busy. But I’d rather take the time to answer my clients’ questions than have anyone sitting around wondering what I might say if they asked me. I will always let a client know if they’re getting ahead of their self. (them self? their selves? help!)  I imagine most agents are the same, but again, find out what the ground rules are with your agent.

How many questions is it ok for an agent to ask a client?


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