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Books: What to keep, what to donate?!

I’m renovating my house and the centerpiece of our new living room will be a huge bookcase that I found at an antique warehouse. It’s actually a reproduction of an English bookcase that originally came with a brass rail and a ladder. I’ve been coveting this for years. The plan is to take all my books that are scattered, piled, hidden and toppling all over the house, and put them on this monster bookcase. The “family room” is home to the television and the fireplace but our “living room” is where I will live. With the books.

As we rearranged the bedrooms, the kids just went through all their books trying to decide what to keep, what to pass on to other family members and what to donate. Although my son tried to put the Magic Treehouse books in the “donate” pile I grabbed them out. I’m not willing to part with them. We read all of them (ALL of them!) to him when he was about four. Each night either my husband or I would read about a half a book to him before bed. We would have read the whole thing but it was too much fun answering the little guy’s questions and talking with him about the things he was learning. I can’t part with those books. Anything by Patricia Polacco: keep; Anything by Kevin Henkes: keep; All the Dr. Seuss: keep. Easy decisions.

My daughter piled up a slew of books she read in middle school. You know the ones I mean: pictures of spoiled, nasty girls in cardigans on the cover and the stories all star spoiled, nasty girls and the stories are about spoiled, nasty girls. She loved those books. They got donated. She kept all her Scott Westerfield books; she kept all the Hunger Games books.

And then there are the ones from my oldest daughter, who is going off to college in a minute. Her books get shifted to my bookshelf. My books get shifted to her bookshelf. I love that. We have so many copies, in hardcover and paperback, of all the Harry Potter books. They move from room to room in my house. The college-bound child gets to bring her own full set (our graduation gift to her) with her to school.

I love that my kids have their own libraries, but I really love that I will soon have a home for all of my books and a quiet place to read and write. Perhaps I’ll give up one shelf to my husband for his books. Maybe. I don’t like to share.

How do you decide what to keep, what to pass on?


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Vacation Reading: Finding the Right Amount of Good

I did the most bizarre thing today! I left for vacation without a book. I know, I know! Shocking. I clearly wasn’t thinking straight. Usually I have at least 2 or 3 in the bag. I made sure I packed the spouse’s current reads (one fiction, one non) but I’ve been reading a lot of manuscripts, on my computer, and I’m not in the middle of anything right now. There’s a stack on my night stand, but nothing’s calling to me. And I still have a bunch of books left from BEA that I’ve been wanting to read, but nah…

The plan is to find a bookstore and get something really good to read. But here’s the problelm: It can’t be too good or I tend to forget to interact with the people with whom I’m vacationing and they get pissed off. I once went to Vermont with my family and another family the day after Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix came out. Big. Mistake. They may never vacation with us again. I was totally anti-social but I couldn’t help it! It was Harry Potter, for crying out loud. (I’m sorry but I’m still not sorry.)

So I’m looking forward to finding a little independent bookstore and finding something just the right amount of good to read and trying to remember to talk to the people I’m with.

What do you read on vacation? What do you think I should read?


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