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When writing feels like I’m pulling my own teeth out…

I took a stab at my WIP today. It was painful. After finally figuring out which version of the many I have saved in various places on my computer was the most up to date version, re-reading what (little) I’ve written, and sitting staring dumbly at my computer screen’s blinking cursor for 20 minutes, I wrote two paragraphs. That’s right. Two paragraphs.

Perhaps my “big idea” just sucks. Or maybe I really don‘t have anything to say. Could it be that I’m just destined for the other end of the manuscript (i.e. reading them not writing them)? Or maybe it’s just a dry spell… a never-ending dry spell. Or it could be that I’m getting cold feet. I’ve determined that once the kiddies are finally away at camp I’m really digging in and spending some time with this manuscript. Gulp.

Do you find writing painful? Do you do it anyway? Why?


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