GLBTQ Pride Celebration Sale and Give-aways!

3uPR6zVY_400x400It’s no coincidence that a huge double rainbow was seen over New York City yesterday and here in Long Island where I live I saw a gigantic full rainbow, too. Because… June is National LGBT Pride month! Known just as Pride among most of my friends, gay and straight alike, it’s a month of rainbow waving parades, marches, readings, and celebrations.

On June 28, 1969, police raided a gay bar in Greenwich Village, New York City, called the Stonewall Inn, which kicked off a series of riots. Out of that event, those riots, and a long history of discrimination and persecution, GLBTQ activism and the modern day GLBTQ rights movement was born.

As a GLBTQ ally and the agent of the 2016 Young Adult Stonewall Book Award winning, THE PORCUPINE OF TRUTH by Bill Konigsberg, I’m celebrating Pride in my own bookish way. First of all, I want to let you all know that THE PORCUPINE OF TRUTH ebook is on sale for just $2.99. If you haven’t read it yet, why not?! Click here to buy it right now! And if you want a hardcover copy of THE PORCUPINE OF TRUTH, I’m giving one lucky winner a copy (see below for how to win).

imgresNot only did THE PORCUPINE OF TRUTH (AAL Books/Scholastic, 2015 )win the Stonewall Book Award, it also got starred reviews from Booklist and School Library Journal, was on the 2016 YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults list, the ALA’s 2016 Rainbow List, and received many other accolades and recognitions. I’m very proud to represent Bill Konigsberg and his work, and I urge everyone, gay or straight, teen or adult, to read this book. It’s about a road trip, finding family,not getting the girl, looking for God, AIDS, bad puns, and the Billings, Montana Zoo. Trust me. You want to read it.

I’m also giving away an advance reader copy of GIRL MANS UP by M-E Girard, which doesn’t even come out until the fall (see below for how to win).

girlmansup (1)GIRL MANS UP (HarperCollins, September 2016) is about a queer teen named Pen who realizes the only way she’ll get people off her back is by standing up for herself–even if that means her relationships with her friends and her family get messed up in the process. It’s also about a gender-nonconforming teen who struggles to own her identity as a girl when she looks and acts like a boy and everyone around her expects her to be one or the other. You can pre-order it now at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or at your nearest independent bookseller.


To win a copy of THE PORCUPINE OF TRUTH or GIRL MANS UP, let me know in the comments below what National GLBT Pride Month means to you and how you’ll celebrate. Only one entry per person. All comments are moderated, so please don’t submit twice (i.e. give me time to approve it and post it). All comments must be submitted by midnight, June 9th. I’ll announce the winners here on Friday, June 10th.

Congratulations to wcdameron and Zach J. Payne for winning THE PORCUPINE OF TRUTH and GIRL MANS UP. Please email me at with your mailing address.





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An Alternative Way to Check In On Your Writing Process

I do yoga once a week with my best friend. She comes to my house, we drink coffee and catch up on what’s going on with each other since last week, and then we do something called “The Five Tibetans” and a couple of other yoga poses that we like. We’ve been doing this for years, and whenever we have to skip a week I sorely miss it. I can’t swear it’s not the coffee and chat I miss more though. Nevertheless, the fourth pose in the series has caused me severe distress because I just. can’t. do it. Being the committed, extreme athlete that I am (I’m not) I choose to sit that one out. What I do instead is a few minutes of meditation, which is just about all my ADD and I can muster. And I have to really focus on something during meditation, otherwise it’s just me sitting there and perseverating on my to-do list or worrying about my life or the fate of the planet. So for my meditation I check in with my chakras. Yup, I do!Untitled35-e1393064216549

I’m not evenly remotely an expert or a yogi or anything like that, and this blog is intended for writers, so my intention is only to share my thought process and my own personal weekly meditation. So please don’t interpret this as anything other than that. Why I thought to share is because often I apply this meditation to check in with what I’m writing. I know, I know, you’re probably like, “What is she even talking about?!” I know you can’t close your eyes and do this with me, because then how would you be reading this??? but try to follow… I’ll tell you approximately where each chakra is located, my understanding of what it’s related to, and then how I apply it to looking at writing.

I sit comfortably, cross legged and relaxed, with my hands placed palm up on my knees. Take a deep breath in and then I relax my shoulders (because they’re always tense). To “check in” with each chakra I visualize its approximate location on my body, and imagine taking a breath in and out of that spot. I’ll share some of the questions I ask myself as I locate each spot. And remember, these are just my interpretations!

The first chakra is located at the base of the spine, like near the coccyx bone. It’s the root chakra, the foundation. So I ask: what is the fundamental basis of what I’m writing? What foundation does this story rest on?

The second chakra is the sacral chakra, basically in the area of the ovaries for women, testes for men, and I relate it to creativity. Am I allowing my creative impulses free reign? Am I allowing myself to experience pleasure in the writing process?

The third chakra is the solar plexus chakra, located between the bellybutton and diaphragm, and it’s where personal power resides so where I place both strength and anxiety. Am I being powerful in my writing? Am I being fearless or shying away from what I’m trying to say?

The fourth chakra is the heart chakra, and of course is located in the chest. Am I being passionate in my writing? Is my writing heartfelt? Am I communicating emotional truth in my characters? Am I writing in an accessible way for readers to connect?

The fifth chakra is located at the throat, like just below where the Adam’s apple is, and it relates to communication and expression. Am I attending to voice? Is the voice distinctive? Is my dialogue authentic?

The sixth chakra is the third eye chakra, between the eyebrows, and correlates to intuition and clarity. Am I staying true to my vision for this work? Does my story work on all levels?

The seventh chakra is the crown chakra, at the top of the head, and is related to universal consciousness or connection to spirit. Am I allowing my story to come through me from unknown sources? Am I open to the unexpected or unmapped to occur?

stencil_peace_heartfOk, that’s it. Don’t judge me. I know I’m a hippy weirdo. But I totally dig doing this and I invite you to try it. Let me know how it goes…

Peace out,



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Summer Internship

imgresI’m looking for an intern for 15-hours/week for the summer. It would be 5 hours/week at my home office in Long Island, doing light office work, filing, organizing, screening queries, and some Internet research. Then it’s an additional 10 hours/week remotely, where you’ll be reading manuscripts and writing reader reports. I represent authors writing picture books, middle grade, and young adult fiction and nonfiction.

635965435126519311-1983774400_book-01.jpgA strong candidate will love reading children’s literature and be comfortable reading across genres. I can offer a $50/week stipend, plus an endless supply of organic, fair trade coffee (help yourself!). You must like dogs (a lot) because I have two of them. Having a sense of humor is important, because we’ll be sitting next to each other for 5 hours. Before applying, please read my past blog posts, so you can see who I am and what I’m about. And familiarize yourself with my clients’ work, so you can see the kind of people and projects I represent. The position runs from June 6th through August 19th, with the possibility of extending through the fall semester, if it works for both of us.

Send a resume and cover letter to by May 23rd.



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