Writing Tip: Dealing With Rejection

imgres.pngDo you know what it takes to keep writing, even when you don’t get an agent, or your agent can’t sell your book, or you get rejection after rejection from editors, or your teacher gives you a ✓- instead of a ✓+? Do you know what it takes? It takes not stopping. That’s it. It doesn’t take more inspiration. It doesn’t take more time. It doesn’t take different circumstances. It doesn’t even take a room of one’s own, although that is awfully nice. It just takes not stopping.

Keep writing. Keep learning. Keep critiquing. Keep getting critiqued. Keep reading. For god’s sake, keep reading!

I know, I know, it’s hard. But guess what? Nobody said it wasn’t going to be hard. And I know, you’re sad or disappointed or angry or frustrated about it. But guess what? Nobody said it wasn’t going to be hard! So you can stop writing if you want. Go ahead. Stop. Or don’t. Because all it takes to keep writing is not stopping.

Do you know who I wrote this post for? Did you just look over your shoulder, and say to yourself, “Me? Did you write it for me?” You know who you are.

Don’t stop writing. imgres-1.png


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11 responses to “Writing Tip: Dealing With Rejection

  1. cathymcdonnellschultz

    *puts head down and keeps revising furiously*


  2. As the song says, “It’s all about that…choice, ’bout that choice.” Sorry, now that song is stuck in your head while you’re not stopping.

  3. Carrie Finison

    Kinda thinking you wrote it for me. 🙂

  4. THANK YOU for this, Linda!

  5. Rejection from Linda yesterday. Keep writing blog today. Got it 🙂

  6. Rita L Kornfeld

    Problem with me is that I can’t NOT write.I read other authors’ work, and I say to myself, ‘Why do I even bother?’ And yet despite everything,I’m obsessed with reading and writing. I see stories in everything I see/hear/read (history wise.) Good or bad can’t help it.

  7. Donna Warwick

    I promise I won’t stop writing!!!!
    I need to finish something so I can at least get rejected!
    Then… I promise…
    I won’t stop writing!
    Thanks sooo much, Linda.
    Loved your post!!!
    Especially on Astrid Lindgren prize day!
    What if she had stopped?
    Where would we be without Pippi?
    That girl..OMG…the original “self-parenter”.

  8. A high five to that! Good things come to those who write, work and wait. 🙂