Love is Love: A book giveaway!

girlmansup (1)In celebration of Love being Love being Love being Love… and Valentine’s Day, I’m giving away some copies of M-E Girard’s GIRL MANS UP! It’s pretty and red, so a perfect Valentine’s Day gift. And it’s about finding the friends who really love you for who you are. And it’s about finding the one who makes your heart go aflutter. And it’s a love letter to boyish girls. And to be honest, I just love this book! So there’s that.


Tell me about someone you love, or about something you love, or something about love, or about a book you love. Or share a short love poem. Just talk to me! I’ll pick a few people who respond in the comments section below. All comments must be made by 11:59pm Eastern Time, Tuesday, February 14th (tomorrow) to be eligible to win. (Winners must have a US mailing address.) Winners will be posted here on Wednesday (as well as emailed).

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12 responses to “Love is Love: A book giveaway!

  1. Linda Mitchell

    I love my kids. I am a completely new and different person because I love them

  2. At Night

    We loved many things,
    But never rainbows and unicorns,
    Never glitter and cupcakes.
    Stepping out at night,
    The moon a smog covered beam –
    Of something straight to the heart,
    And you take my hand as we cross the street,
    Nervously bumping hips until,
    Padded we touch and forget to move away.

  3. I love that more books featuring characters that are GLBTQ are appearing in the kidlit world. We need these mirrors desperately.

  4. Linda Melino

    I love that Girl Mans Up is available now when it is not only so important and needed, but also when so many people are open to reading in response to that need.

  5. I love that writing for children lets us go “wow” on a regular basis.

  6. I love the kid lit community too. . . so grateful that there are so many passionate people spreading love to children, especially in these difficult times. I also love my family, always grateful for my husband and two girls, and now a cat who is pretty awesome. I also love science and facts.

  7. Claire Bobrow

    I love Dr. Laurie Marker, and all the folks at the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Namibia, for their research and conservation efforts aimed at saving the cheetah in the wild.

  8. I love the pole dancing community. I love that though I’m short and not as strong and not as flexible and not as fluid, I can dance in the air and be happy and get healthier and stronger.

  9. Ariel Bernstein

    GIRL MANS UP looks amazing!
    I recently finished reading IT AIN’T SO AWFUL, FALAFEL, by Firoozeh Dumas, and I absolutely love it! My sister was born in Iran during the time the book is set, so the story means a lot to me personally. Dumas pulls you right into Zomorod’s story with her voice and humor.

  10. Traci Bold

    I love the kidlit community as they are supportive, loving, and encouraging to their fellow members and beyond.