Directions for a Blabbermouth Thanksgiving Game

I just can’t write another heavy thing. So, instead, I’m going to give you directions on how to play the best game ever. Play it with your friends or family when you get together for Thanksgiving or the coming holidays or just for the heck of it. And honestly? I’m not really a “game person” (some might even say I’m not a “have fun” person). But this is TOTALLY FUN.

play-charadesThis is a game that we play in my extended family, when we all get together. It’s called Rumpelstiltskin. It’s sort-of-kind-of a charades game. And I promise you, it’s the best game ever. I’m sure other people have other names for it. I’d actually be interested in hearing them (in the comments) if you do. As the years have gone by, and the kids have all gotten older (and more adult-ish) and the adults have also gotten older (but still aren’t anywhere near mature) we sometimes find ourselves playing Drunkelstiltskin… you kind of just add gin or bourbon and then play the original game. Anyway, here’s how you play Rumpelstiltskin!

It’s best to play with at least 9 people. More is even better. So, everybody writes down about 5 or 6 names of people or characters (fictional, or real, or historical, or whatever) on small pieces of paper, and you fold them up, and put them in a bowl or hat or something like that. Don’t tell anyone what names you wrote down. You can write Ghandi, or Bugs Bunny, or Aunt Sadie (assuming you have an Aunt Sadie), or Michael Jackson, or Louisa May Alcott, or Ragnar Lothbrok, or whatever. Just names of people, characters, pets, etc…

Now you randomly break into teams. So, what that means is that you can’t pick your teams. So do it however you want. Pick names from a hat, draw straws, use an app. Whatever. With 9 people you would do 3 teams of 3.

imgresThe way you play is:

1. the teams take turns

2. one person on the team gives clues about the names to the people on their team

3. only the people on their team get to guess the names

4. someone on another team keeps the time; the turn is over in one minute, then the next team gets to go

5. when your team guesses a name correctly, you keep that piece of paper for that round

6. You can only “pass” on one name per round. If you do pass, the name goes back in the hat.

7. The whole round is over when there are no names left in the hat

8. At the end of the round, you count up each team’s papers and then put them all back in the hat for the next round.

9. The team who got the most names wins. But everyone wins, because it’s SO. MUCH. FUN.

But here’s what makes it fun…


The first round you can say ANYTHING except the name on the paper.

The second round you can only say ONE WORD.

The last round is TOTALLY SILENT.

For all three rounds you can act things out, gesture, point, whatever. But you can’t spell things out. And if the name is “Bill” you can’t say “Rhymes with Phil.” If your team doesn’t guess a name, when your turn is over, you can’t tell them what it was.

And that is how you play Rumpelstiltskin!

I promise you, it’s fun. If you suck at charades, it’s still fun because then it’s very funny.

Wishing everyone a very happy Thanksgiving. And peace. And Love. And equality. And kindness. And health (and healthcare). And adequate food and shelter. And, and, and…





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  1. And, the more you drink, the more creative some of the rules can get. (o: