After Orlando: Stop the ride. I want to get off.

Vectors%5CMainImages%5Crainbow-retro-heart-grunge20141210Vectors%5CMainImages%5Crainbow-retro-heart-grunge20141210Vectors%5CMainImages%5Crainbow-retro-heart-grunge20141210Shouldn’t everything just be put on halt? Shouldn’t the Tony awards be cancelled and Game of Thrones re-scheduled? We interrupt your regularly scheduled viewing because the world is such a fucked up place.

Shouldn’t there be a day, a week, a month, a year of mourning?

Shouldn’t the Jewish Christian Muslim Buddhist Zoroastrian Native American Black White Latino Asian Labor Republican Democrat Libertarian Communist Green Party Gay Lesbian Bi Trans Ace Straight Blue Collar White Collar Billionaire Millionaire Farmer Lawyer McDonalds Worker Wall Street Medical Artistic Labor Not for Profit Stay at Home Parent Child Secular Religious Human community do something?

Shouldn’t we just take all the guns away?

Heartbroken for my friends and family in the LGBTQ community. Heartbroken for America. Heartbroken as a member of the human family. How many times can we be heartbroken, without words, enraged? How many Tweets and FB messages and blog posts and temporary profile pictures can we post? How many times can we stand in solidarity after tragedy?

When will hate take a back seat to love?





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8 responses to “After Orlando: Stop the ride. I want to get off.

  1. Linda — I am right there with you. In my search to DO something during these horrible tragedies, I have reached out to Gabby Gifford’s wonderful organization — they have a smart agenda and are actually enacting positive change on a state level. Make a donation and get involved — it will make you feel better.

  2. The body is fragile, but paroxysms of hate are no match for the collective beauty of humanity. We must create, again and again, with our little hands and tender hearts.
    This is a good time to re-read Joe McGee’s wonderful post on this blog from last December on why story is necessary:

    • Mike, thank you for remembering that post. It is, indeed, a timely reminder of how we can best face the darker side of humanity. Keep creating, my friend. As Neil Gaiman would say, “make good art.”

  3. christine

    Love you. Telling you that is the first immediate step I can take to change the molecules. Maybe it will only change the molecules in my own little piece of the universe and perhaps reverse some evil, but better yet, I hope the good intentions actually have a ripple effect and reverberates and eventually touches someone else enough to change their hate or intolerance or indifference to love. A girl can dream.

  4. Thank you, Linda. We need to raise as many voices as we can against this madness.

  5. Jessica Rinker

  6. Great post. When will we learn that what we are doing in this country just isn’t working? It’s time to ban any and all assault weapons, at the very least. I also hope people realize that the threats these days come from WITHIN this country. So sad.

    • sandi eppy

      VERY WELL SAID!!! We need to organize and take action. Words and feelings are only the first step to change. Thanx for voicing them so well.