YA Book Give-Away! Tell Me What You’re Thankful For

You’re still welcome to tell me what you’re thankful for, but the contest is now closed.

I’m very thankful I get to work with such talented authors. I feel so lucky to be able to do what I do as an agent. I spent many years looking for the thing that would give me fulfillment, make some difference in the world, and earn me some money. Being an agent does that for me. I’m very proud of the manuscripts that I help become books.

In the comments below, tell me something about your reading or writing life that you’re thankful for. One commenter will receive a copy of Natasha Sinel’s debut YA novel THE FIX, which came out this fall. Here’s what it’s about:

One conversation is all it takes to break a world wide open.Fix-cover-final

Seventeen-year-old Macy Lyons has been through something no one should ever have to experience. And she’s dealt with it entirely alone. On the outside, she’s got it pretty good. Her family’s well-off, she’s dating the cute boy next door, she has plenty of friends, and although she long ago wrote her mother off as a superficial gym rat, she’s thankful to have allies in her loving, laid-back dad and her younger brother. But a conversation with a boy at a party one night shakes Macy out of the carefully maintained complacency that has defined her life so far. The boy is Sebastian Ruiz, a recovering addict who recognizes that Macy is hardened by dark secrets. And as Macy falls for Sebastian, she realizes that, while revealing her secret could ruin her seemingly perfect family, keeping silent might just destroy her.

“The Fix” follows two good-hearted teenagers coming to terms with the cards they were dealt. It’s also about the fixes we rely on to cope with our most shameful secrets and the hope and fear that come with meeting someone who challenges us to come clean.

You’re still welcome to tell me what you’re thankful for, but the contest is now closed.


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23 responses to “YA Book Give-Away! Tell Me What You’re Thankful For

  1. I am thankful for my critique group partners, my “ink sisters”. Not only do they challenge me to stretch and go further, but they are there through all the ups and downs and the rejections and hard stuff that goes along with putting your guts on paper for all to read. Wouldn’t want to be riding this coaster without those ladies!

  2. I’m thankful that I can work in my pajamas.

  3. I’m grateful for the sweetest, most supportive spouse ever. He really seems to get how much this writing thing means to me and keeps trying to find ways to make it better.

  4. I’m thankful for my mini schnauzer who sits contentedly by my side while I write and draw. I’m thankful my family who are willing to fend for themselves at dinner time if I’m on a roll. I’m thankful that they tolerate me when I scream “Leave me alone! Go to Subway!” And I’m very thankful and relieved that there are still many readers in the world.

  5. Rae

    I’m thankful that, even though I have a lot of illnesses, I can still do the job I love and communicate to my husband how much I appreciate him taking care of me so I CAN do that job.

    If I couldn’t get that across, I don’t even know what I’d do.

  6. I’m thankful to have the unconditional love and support of two rock-solid cheerleaders, my husband and daughter. They have lived through my writerly ups and downs, and have never failed to support me and give hugs, and encouragement, as needed. I couldn’t – and wouldn’t – be a writer without them.

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  8. Sherry

    I’m thankful for freedom to pursue just about anything I want to do, writing where free speech prevails whether anyone agrees or not.

  9. I’m thankful that I’ve had a chance to do many different things: teaching both college and high school, travel the US and beyond, plant a garden, raise children, pet a koala. Now I’m thankful that I have the chance to tutor homeless youth, which provides me with meaning and understanding I deeply treasure.

  10. I’m thankful for my supportive family. My 84-year old mother reads my work and gives me feedback and encouragement. My adult daughter collaborates with me and helps with marketing. My husband gives me time and space to write.

  11. Pete Magsig

    I’m thankful for the fact that it takes me *forever* to write a novel. I just found a plot hole so big in my latest project you could drive a train through it. A “Why didn’t the Eagles take Frodo to Mordor” grade plot hole. And now I get to fix it and that is, literally, awe-inspiring to me. I’m going out to a local restaurant and write this evening and try to avoid the chocolate cake and wallow in the awe of how a few sentences here and there can not only transport me to a completely different place and time, but make what I did better. I already have The Fix, so I can’t win a copy. I’ll just simmer in some grateful tonight. And then cave to the chocolate cake monster. Heated. With whipped cream and drizzled chocolate sauce. Aglglglglgllglllll.

  12. Distractions. I am grateful for the things that take me away from my routine, my worries and those things that would otherwise put me in a rut. I am grateful for interruptions because without them I am at risk for becoming self-absorbed and lazy about creating my own discipline. I am thankful for 24 hours in a day because if I had more I might waste it and if I had less then I might not feel the need to make the most of my time.

  13. I’m thankful for P.M Roget and his “Thesaurus.” It truly is a “Treasure.” Every time I open it, I am bewitched by the wealth of words awaiting me. When I’m on the hunt for the ideal word, it always appears. And when I’m not, I find leafing through the pages of my thesaurus to be calming and meditative.

  14. I’m thankful for my husband who supports my crazy dream. 🙂

  15. wayfaringwriter

    I’m thankful that I’ve been able to make a living writing nonfiction, but I’m even more thankful for all the authors I’ve met online that have encouraged me to branch out and try fiction. The writing community is truly wonderful.

  16. Gerry Walker

    Thankful to be walking, even with a cane, and exercising after bad leg break and eventual hip replacement all over the last two years. before that was avid line dancer, exerciser, working delivering auto parts to cute young mechanics, now just thankful to be able to live on my own, swim, walk the doggie, take out the garbage! (Age 79 next week!)

  17. JoAnn DiVerdi Miller

    My emotions are big. Not always evolved; hardly ever mature. But they are true and I feel because of that, valid. I’m thankful for picture books, for here is where I can express these big emotions in a way that can create something heartfelt, beautiful and held by two little hands who have big emotions of their very own.

  18. I’m thankful for my beautiful daughter, who keeps me grounded in the present moment. When things get tough, all I need to do to re-center myself is listen to her laugh….

  19. Libraries and librarians!

  20. I’m thankful that I found my path and that I have people to support me while I walk it.

  21. Llo

    I’m thankful to live in a world and a time in which books are plentiful.

  22. I’m thankful for words — to be able to read them, write them, hear them, speak them. I’m even thankful for the ones that are hurtful (because where there is drama, there is *story* ;). But I’m especially thankful for words that heal or become lyrics in a song that you can’t live without. 🙂

  23. Jen

    I’m thankful for a community of supportive writer-friends.