Why I Will Offer You Representation


When you send me an extraordinary picture book, middle grade or young adult manuscript, I’ll be glad to offer you representation. Your manuscript can’t just be fair to middling though. Your story needs to be original, unique, distinctive. Your writing needs to work. All the way work. It has to be the kind of thing where I stay up all night because I want to finish reading, have to finish reading! I have to find out what happens next. Right from the beginning, I need to be hooked. All the way hooked. I should be so immersed in your manuscript that I forget I’m reading a manuscript. I forget that it’s not already out in the world as a book. It should already be that good. When I take a break and come up for air, I’ll be thinking of editors who I’d like to send your manuscript to. I’ll know that so-and-so will love it because __<fill in>_____. And it needs to be a good match. Your manuscript should be something I want to read. I should be naturally drawn to it, or even drawn to it kicking and screaming. But ultimately it needs to be somehow my kind of story. And, I need to love your manuscript so much that I want the whole world to read it, my husband and kids, my best friend, book groups and my other clients and everyone. When I love your manuscript that much? I’ll offer you representation.

I represent the fine people who have been giving me a blogging break by guest posting here on The Blabbermouth Blog this summer. These are some of my clients and I love that I’ve fallen hard for their work. Their writing has acutely touched me in some way, whether it’s deep in my heart of hearts, or by tickling my funny bone, or by crawling into my brain, or by fanning the flames of my convictions. I think my clients are some of the funniest people I know (even the ones who don’t necessarily “write funny”). One might further call them clever, insightful, sharp, hard working, poetic, audacious, beautiful, and generous. I’m extraordinarily lucky to represent them and their writing.

I hope the rest of your summer is lovely and you get lots of writing done. Enjoy the rest of this summer’s posts from my clients. I’ll be back blogging after Labor Day.

Version 3Peace out.


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  1. I love that this totally makes sense, Linda. Many of us are scrambling through this maze of writing, revising, submitting…hoping to ‘snare’ an agent. But that’s not what it’s really all about. They say a salesman is only as good as his product. But it is more than that. For agents to succeed, they MUST be passionate about the manuscripts they are presenting to editors. Without that I-got-goosebumps-when-I-read-this-and-so-will-you confidence, it just doesn’t work. And less than the absolute best isn’t anything we want to give the children who will be reading our books. 🙂