Writing Informs the Yoga. Yoga Informs the Weekend.

1warrior2-1As many of you may know, I co-lead a writing retreat each summer on Long Island, The Writing Yoga Retreat. It’s all kinds of good for oh so many reasons. And you don’t have to already do yoga to attend. “Why,” you may ask yourself, “would I want to do that?” Honestly? Because we do stuff at our retreat that you won’t find anywhere else. Seriously. Also, at the Writing Yoga Retreat you’ll learn how to bring something different to your writing, and learn new ways of looking at what you’re working on. Now you might say, “Oh yeah? Like what?”

Ok, so one of your choices for a one-on-one consultation is to work with Tarot cards. WHO ELSE DOES THAT?! Nobody. We’re not fortune telling or anything. We use the Tarot deck as a jumping off point to explore character, theme, setting. We’ve even done readings for our participants’ characters. Come on, how cool is that?

During the twice daily yoga (and you know I’m not one of the people at the early morning class, right?) our instructors tailor the class to each person’s skill level, with modifications for beginners and greater challenges for advanced practitioners. At the beginning of the class when the yoga teacher does a dharma talk, the teaching connects the yoga you’re doing with writing. Actually, writing and the writing process is kind of woven into the whole class. It’s fantastic.

There’s also a Participant Showcase like you’ve never experienced before. Imagine this: We go off site to a delicious Italian restaurant, where we have dinner in a private room and endless glasses of wine. You’re at a long table with these people who you now count as friends, and you have the opportunity to read your work. Not a critique. Not a workshop. You just read. And then bask in applause! Our past participants have told us this was the highlight of their weekend. Last year’s participants wrote adult fiction, YA, middle grade fiction, picture books, and memoir. It was amazing hearing their work!

Our dinner with editors is pretty darn cool, too. We have 2 adult editors and 2 kidlit editors join us for dinner. You know, just a casual, Friday night dinner with SOME OF THE TOP NYC EDITORS THAT THERE ARE. Sorry for shouting. I just really want you to get how cool this is. This year’s editors are Justin Chanda from Simon & Schuster, Jill Davis from Katherine Tegen Books/HarperCollins, Naomi Gibbs from Houghton, Mifflin, Harcourt, and Connor Guy from Metropolitan Books/Macmillan. I’m so psyched for this part, I can’t even…(Oh my! I just made that “squee” noise people write about.)

To get a more yoga-y view of the weekend, check out Stefanie Lipsey’s post at writingyoga.com. She’s my partner in Writing Yoga crime, the yin to my Writing Yoga yang. And for more detailed information or to apply, go to writingandyogaretreat.com. (FYI – We have people apply rather than just register so we can make sure that you already have a work in progress and a commitment to your writing. We’re not judging or assessing.)

Ok, any questions?


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