New Look for The Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency!

I am very pleased and proud to direct you all to my agency’s new website! We’ve got a new online look but (of course!) we’re still pretty in pink. Please note that not all of my clients are listed on the website since the agency has over 200 clients. To see who I represent, go to my Client page over here or click on the links to their individual websites and blogs in the sidebar.


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4 responses to “New Look for The Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency!

  1. Love the new jdlit-look, Linda. And am I the only one who hears the Psychedelic Furs singing “Pretty in Pink” after reading your post?

  2. Gerry Walker

    Love the picture of the old Underwood. My grandad had one he typed on for many years; never got past the 4th grade as they homesteaded on South Hutchinston Island in Fla at the turn of the century (19th); he was 10 when they moved down. My book covers his teen years and friendship with Billy Bowlegs, lots of adventures with bears and alligators.