Fare thee well, 2014!

imgres2014 will be relegated to memory this week, and I for one won’t be sorry to see it go. As with many memories, I’m going to choose to look at the positive, glass half full, and all that. But no kidding, 2014 was a bit challenging over here in Linda-land. I’d like to try to wrap up this year standing in a place of gratitude, love and acknowledgment though.

But first, I’d really like to know who you are. Yes, YOU! I’ve been blogging for three years, blabbing about myself and writing and agenting and querying and all that. Who’s out there, reading this? If you’d be so kind, let me know who you are in the comments below. It can be something short and sweet like, “I’m a writer,” or “I’m your cousin,” or “We went to Junior High together.” I’d just really appreciate knowing who you are. (Yes, YOU!)

But back to auld lang syne-ing… I never know where to begin or end when speaking about the things for which I’m grateful, the people I love, or whom I’d like to acknowledge. Of course, there’s my family, and there truly are no words that could express, with even the lightest feather brush of a touch, my love for them. I am a very lucky woman to not only have been born into a family of (wacky yet) amazing people, but also to have married into a family of (crazy yet) awesome folks, and then alchemically created a family of (ridiculous yet) breathtaking gorgeousness. See? I don’t truly have the words. I may have used up my quota of superlatives and adjectives in this paragraph alone though, and I haven’t even gotten to my friends, clients, and business associates.

Image by Keith Haring

Image by Keith Haring

I think I’m pretty good at acknowledging my friends all through the year, but I’ll take just a tiny moment here to remind a few of them how brave and inspiring they are. To my friend who can run, and my friend who graduated, to my friend who is ending something, and my friend who’s dancing in the music: you are my heroes.

writingI pride myself on staying in communication with my clients, but let me say publicly that I look forward to another year of working with you. I can’t wait to be able to announce some of the year end deals we’ve been working on! I can’t wait until publishing wakes back up in January so I can hit the pavement running with the terrific manuscripts you’ve sent me! Please, hit me up with more! To those clients with whom I’ve parted ways this past year, know that I do wish you the best of success with your writing and I sincerely hope you’ll stay in touch.

Jennifer, and my colleagues at The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency, I’d like to say thanks for being the terrific bunch of nutters you all are! It wouldn’t be the same working in this industry without you all. No, really.

Now, there are my editor friends… And you know who you are! You’re the one who always sounds happy it’s me when I call. You’re the one who recognizes the weird thing that pops up on the caller ID from my cell phone. You’re the one who I’ve had drinks with. You’reimgres-1 the ones who’ve been to my Writing Yoga Retreat (or the ones who were so sad they couldn’t make it!). You’re the ones who are as eager as I am to find a project together, and the ones who are glad that we have one. You’re the one who I would buy presents for (if I didn’t think it was unethical) and that one who I met at that conference (where we had such a good time). You’re the one who didn’t get back to me on that submission (I forgive you, but please get back to me, ok?!) and we’re still buddies. To all of my editor friends, you make being in this business so much fun. Let’s do lunch or have a drink, ok?! 😉

I’m looking forward to doing more blogging in 2015, and I’ll be continuing the monthly Quick Questions interviews with editors and Inside Scoop: Dish from a Literary Agent Intern posts. Until next week and year then… Fare thee well, 2014!

Remember my request from paragraph 2? Tell me who you are, even if you think I already know that you read my blog. Thanks and peace out.


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86 responses to “Fare thee well, 2014!

  1. I’m a hopeful, stalk-your-blog-like-a-creeper-everyday-to-check-your-query-tracker, wanna-be client!! You have my full ms, and I’m waiting on baited breath for a reply! To occupy myself in the meantime, I torture myself by trying to look for clues in your posts and tweets, as to what you might currently be reading/reviewing. (I mentioned creepy, right?) Hehe. Also I write. And read copious amounts of things that some might consider way beneath my longstanding status as an adult, but I don’t care… #YAforlife!! I also like blunt people and quick wit. Which makes me kinda love your posts, but I rarely leave comments, since that makes my wanna-be status just seem that more stalker-ish and pathetic…

    And now I shall go read all the posts I missed while caught up in the holidays. Cause you never know… I might have missed a clue while I was “gone.” 😊

  2. Goldy Prawira

    Hello, my name is goldy, i’m from indonesia, and i liked your blog
    By the way can you help me to give me some advice to be a great writer and where is good publisher in USA???? I very blank for publisher in USA please can you help??? Cause i very upset for publisher in my country, i always rejected… -_____-

  3. I just found out you’ll be critiquing my novel at the Florida SCBWI conference. Woo hoo! Looking forward to meeting you. (P.S. I also graduated from the University of Buffalo…which is why I now live in Florida!) 🙂

  4. christine

    I’m your friend from long ago who is super proud of you and your accomplishments (familial, professional, and the like). I’m so proud that “I knew you when”. Smirk. Happy New Year! We’re way overdue for a catch-up chat. Let’s schedule grub, drinks, soon. xo

  5. I’m a middle grade and picture book writer represented by a colleague of your, initials SF – and if your retreat wasn’t two days before my daughter’s wedding, I’d be looking forward to meeting you this summer too, but for now…all the very bestest to you and a Happy New Year filled with success!

  6. Susan Santomieri

    Hi Linda, glad to have found this blog. My arrival is recent, led here
    while on a search for info about Scrivener. And I intend to stay
    subscribed. The attraction is probably our similar reading tastes and
    NYC sense of humor. I was born in Brooklyn, spent most of my later
    life in California and three years ago retired to Thailand where my
    urge to write is resurrecting.

    To you and anyone else reading this note–Best wishes for an
    interesting and fulfilling 2015

  7. I’m a writer who decided to schlep to NY because I thought it would be a good idea to hang out with people who like to write, practice yoga, and hang out at mansions. Guess what? I was right!

  8. Linda, we met at the SCBWI Conference in Buffalo in June. I’ve been following your blog ever since. I was thrilled to win a prize in the Book Spine Poem Contest. By the way, I’m now addicted to book spine poems. Cheers to you and more fun in 2015.

  9. I’m a writer who’s just completed a memoir about being stuck in the middle of a mother-daughter sandwich. I blog at Huffington Post and A Work in Progress. Just recently found my way to your blog and really enjoy it! Cheers to you, LInda, for a spectacular 2015.

  10. Lisa B

    Hi Linda, I have a non-fiction book published but have been working on a novel for the past 2 years. I plan to finish revisions in 2015 so I can start querying. The year 2014 has been a tremendous learning curve in finding blogs that help ground me in both the craft of writing and the realities of publication. Your blog is one of my favorites. The best to you in 2015.

  11. Susan

    I am a writer who has followed your blog for over two and a half years now (is that right?) because I appreciate your honesty, humor, and drinking references. Looking forward to more of it in 2015.

  12. Simeon Mann

    Hi Linda,

    We met last year at the final BackSpace Writers’ Conference in NY. I paid for a one-on-one session with you where we discussed the first few pages of the manuscript I had just begun to query for. You had great insight and advice regarding my MS, and even gave me a typed version of your comments. Between your comments and other comments I received in the small group sessions, I I realized it was premature to be querying. You even advised me what to write to agents whom I had already queried, so that I was able to withdraw my submission before potential rejections.

    I had always written from feel, intuition, and instinct, but all the feedback I received made me realize that I had never actually taken extensive writing classes. So I read “Writing the Breakout Novel” and “The Power of Point of View” (head hopping turned out to be a real issue of mine) – multiple times with lots of underlining, and then, after many months of not writing, dove back into my MS, finishing it recently. I just began querying the last couple of weeks, and plan on sending it to you as well as I send out more queries.

    As to who I am personally, I’m 34, married, have four children, a great wife, and a real passion for storytelling and cooking. I find those last two interests have a lot in common, as the goal of both is to entertain and surprise people, and make them happy.

    As was yours, my 2014 had its ups and downs, so here’s to a great 2015 for all of us. Always enjoy your blog, by the way.

    Simeon Mann

  13. Eppy

    I guess it’s OK for a Daddy to “kvell”. Very proud of you Linda.


  14. Lesley C

    Me, me, me! I’m here late to the party as usual even though I’m in the future. Thanks for hanging in there and being on the journey with me, Linda. Here’s a toast to 2015!

  15. fourchickens

    Hi! I am a cookbook/food writer. I already have an agent but I enjoy reading blogs by agents of all sorts of books–the book world interests me and I’m fascinated by different perspectives. I also like the mix of personal and professional here–thank you! And here’s to a better 2015!

  16. Hi Linda! I read this because it’s extremely well written and full of your inimitable voice, and also because it often reminds me, hey, I don’t have to write queries anymore and try to get some rad literary agent to pick me up, because I have one. She’s super smart, passionate, and hilarious. Very full service, too. One time she even gave me detailed advice about ways to go into labor. 😉

  17. Hi Linda! This was such a nice post to read. I read your blog for many reasons, not just because I’m your client. I love your tell-it-like-it-is ways, and your blog is an even better resource because of it. I wish I could say more, but…you know. (I also don’t want this to turn into a novel). 😉 Happy New Year!

  18. robynryle

    I love your blog, Linda, and can’t wait to go to the Writing and Yoga Retreat next year. Already have the dates marked on my calendar!
    P.S. Your daughter’s drawing on the holiday card was wonderful! Thanks so much.

  19. Miriam

    hi I’m your client, taking a break from working on my new MS to read your blog! 2015 is gonna be our year, I can feel it 🙂

  20. I’m a picture book writer. I submitted a manuscript to you and received a nice rejection note. (Thank you for your kind words they meant the world to me). I love your blog and read every post! Happy New Year and may 2015 be awesome in Linda-land!

  21. Mary Warth

    I am a picture book writer/ Doctor Who fan/ art teacher/ mom and I really enjoy your blog. I look foreword to the regular dose of inspiration and humor! All the best in 2015.

  22. Lynn Harrus

    Linda, My “almost kicked my ass” year was 2013. What I can say is this – there’s light on the other side. Had the best year ever this year. Keep your head up and your eye on what you want. It’s just around the corner. (Also, I’m a novice writer of YA Fantasy and hope to query one day :))

  23. Amelia Loken

    Hi Linda,
    I am a YA writer, still as yet unpublished. I enjoy reading your blogs and getting the “inside scoop” on the business. I have had a discouraging year with rejections, but am keeping the glass half-full perspective as I tackle a new WIP and put to use the lessons learned.

  24. I am a writer who thinks you’re pretty awesome. Happy New Year, I hope you have a kick-ass 2015. 🙂

  25. Hi Linda, my name is Dawn. I am a novice at writing and only started following your blog a month ago. I joined a writers group two months ago and they gave us a list of the 101 best writers blog. I went through the list and signed up to receive emails from the blogs I liked best.

    I have finished writing a autobiography on severe depression and have an author reading and critiquing my words.

    I find you blogs interesting and always and delighted when I see a blabbermouth email in my inbox.

    Season greetings to you and onward to 2015!

  26. Megan Peterson

    I’m a writer/mom/pizza addict who really enjoys your blog. Happy 2015! 🙂

  27. Anna

    I’m your daughter! You rock. Love you.

  28. Hi, Linda- I’m Charlie Heller from Annapolis, Maryland. I write as Charles Ota Heller. I’ve written two memoirs, “Prague: My Long Journey Home” and “Name-droppings: Close Encounters with the Famous and Near-Famous.” I blog via my website, http://www.charlesoheller.com. Currently, I’m completing a third memoir, “Ready, Fire, Aim! A Survivor’s Tales of Entrepreneurial Terror,” and will begin to send queries after the new year. I enjoy your blog.

  29. christiemurillo16

    Hi! I’m a writer and just wanted to say this is a great blog and resource 🙂

  30. Hey Linda,
    I’m a writer, mama and erstwhile twitter stalker. I met you this year in the secret agent contest and now love reading your blog, in part, because you say things I need to hear too. Also, you’re funny. Catch you in 2015 -hope it’s a terrific year!

  31. Happy New Year, Linda! Here’s to a successful and publishable 2015!! 🙂

  32. Steve Kozeniewski

    I forget who I am.

  33. jenswan90

    I’m an author and I just found your blog about two months ago. It’s full of interesting stuff! Thanks for sharing. I’m going to be at the SCBWI FL conference and am looking forward to hearing you speak.

  34. Yeah, 2014 was weird. Luckily, I love weird. I’m calling it a year of quiet but important growth. Thanks for being you! xoxo

  35. I’m an unpublished author trying to move along the path to being published.

  36. I’m a follower, lurking in the shadows each week soaking up whatever words of wisdom you have for writers. When not lurking I am writing my own stories and finding it takes a long time to make them just right. Keep up the great work.

  37. I won a first chapter critique from you this year, and was (and am!) so grateful for your feedback. Thank you, and Happy Almost New Year!

  38. Hey Linda! It’s me, writing/yoga participant (waves eagerly) I love your
    blog. My favorite this year was, ‘query
    theory’. I used it once and got a full ms
    request from an editor. You rock!! Happy New Year to you! Bring it on 2015!!!

  39. I am an author who is not your client! 🙂 But you’re an agent I respect and your clients are people whose books I want to read. 🙂

  40. I am your happy happy client, who finally feels like I’ve found my agent kindred spirit. We will sell another book together in 2015, if wishes come true (as they do). So grateful for you. xxoo

  41. I am the author of the first book you sold. And I am grateful for your friendship as well as your agenting. xo