Happy Intrepid Explorer Day!

330px-Christopher_ColumbusSo, today is Columbus Day, which if you live in the New York area anyway, pretty much only means the kids are off from school. In other parts of the country, and all over the world, it doesn’t even mean that. I have a difficult time celebrating Christopher Columbus for “discovering” the Americas, given there were already plenty of people here (+ there’s evidence Vikings had already come here a long time before anyway). But, I get it, Columbus was an intrepid explorer, and he “discovered” the New World as far as the European and African folks were concerned. So yeah, Columbus sailed the ocean blue and all that. And I can celebrate the spirit of adventure that takes a man or woman into unknown territory, facing who-knows-what. I mean, isn’t that what writers are all about, after all? There’s the blank page. It’s unknown territory, even if you think you know where you’re going. Because once that story starts coming out, who knows what’s going to happen next?! Right? So yeah. Happy Intrepid Explorer Day! For all my writer friends. For all my friends who explore different ways of self expression. For my friends who are explorers of new knowledge. For my friends who explore their capacity to love, to make music, to live a fulfilled life. Whatever “exploration” looks like to you, I raise my glass and salute explorers!

What are you exploring in your life? Does it take bravery?

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  1. Lesley C

    When I saw the title to this blog post, my first reaction was “Wait! There’s a Calvin and Hobbes Day?!!” 😛