Cruel, Cruel Summer’s End

endThank you to my awesome clients, who guest blogged for me all summer, so I could take a break. That would be W.E. Larsen, M-E Girard, Susan Lubner, Natasha Sinel, J.M. DiVerdi, Joe McGee and Katie Sparrow. And to my client Lesley Cheah, who organized it all. And of course to my intern Tara, who has been a delight to work with. Tara’s moving on to other internships, finishing her Masters in Publishing degree, and looking for a real job. Good luck, Tara! Hope you’ll come back and guest blog now and then!

Although autumn doesn’t actually start until Monday, September 22nd at 10:29pm, everyone knows that summer is really over after Labor Day weekend. For those who have kids, they’re definitely back in school after Labor Day weekend. College classes have begun, or are about to. And I’ll be back to blogging once or twice a week, as time permits and the mood strikes me. I’ll continue with the monthly Inside Scoop: Dish From A Literary Agent Intern series in September, when my new intern starts.

For now though, I wish you a happy Labor Day weekend. According to the U.S. Department of Labor website, Labor Day “…constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.” So, for anyone who works, within or without the home, for pay or for naught, have a great weekend. And to that end, enjoy this Bananarama video from 1983, where the price of gas is $1.48, the Twin Towers are still standing, and one of the ladies is wearing the same overalls I was wearing in ’83 (which I bought at Andy’s Chee Pees when I was about 18). Why? Why not.

Peace out,




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4 responses to “Cruel, Cruel Summer’s End

  1. Happy Labor Day weekend! The guest posts have been awesome but glad to hear you’ll be coming back too. Does that mean you’ll re-open to queries soon?

  2. I loved that song then and I love it now! And how poignant that final shot is in their video with the view of the Twin Towers…

  3. Loved the guest posts Linda! I hate to say it but, I’m ready for summer to end.
    Wipe out the cobwebs, get back to work and a routine-yeah.