Getting Through February: books, crocuses, imagination

photoFebruary sucks. Living in New York, I’m just so done with winter by now. I’ve enjoyed the let’s sleep-in, cook up a storm, build a fire snow days. I’ve made it through the last December’s pressure to “enjoy” the “holidays” and already resigned myself to the fact that this coming year won’t be the year I enjoy (or even go to) a gym. This February marks three years since my grandmother died, at what felt like a premature 99. I don’t think I’ll ever get over her leaving. She was my moral compass; my role model; my great friend; a source of joy and laughter in my life. February is also the month of my birthday (No happy happys in the comments please. Hit me up on Twitter or FB if you must.) For many years now my birthday just feels like the tick tick tick toward my inevitable demise and a reminder that I haven’t yet achieved many of the things on my list of things I plan to achieve in this lifetime.

imgresPerhaps I suffer from S.A.D. I strongly feel the need for a beach, a rum drink, and no deadlines (even those that are self-imposed). When I read the newspaper this morning, I found out Shirley Temple Black had died, and now I can’t get the fucking Good Ship Lollypop out of my head. It doesn’t seem at all funny that a suicide bomb instructor blew up his class because he was imbecile enough to use live ammunition in his demonstration. I’m sickened by the NFL hubbub surrounding college football player Michael Sam’s coming out. Are we really still talking about this? Can’t we finally move past labels and discrimination and judgements about people’s sexual orientation, race, and religion? When will fucking spring come? I need a goddamn crocus or something.

*deep breath*

I know how lucky I am though. I’m so ridiculously lucky. I’m the luckiest bitch on my block. I live in a nice house with a nice husband and 3 nice children and 2 nice dogs. I have more than enough to eat and mostly don’t need to worry about paying the bills. I’m relatively healthy. I have good friends. I know my personal “problems” are First World problems.


And… Yesterday I read Neil Gaiman’s FORTUNATELY, THE MILK. You see, when all else in my life feels like crap, when it’s February, I have books. FORTUNATELY, THE MILK made me smile, then chuckle, and reminded me to use my fucking imagination. It felt like my soul was going to the gym. And liking it. Later today I’m going to finish editing a client’s manuscript about lady pirates. I don’t think I need to  explain what joy that brings me, and not just because it’s well written, sexy, interesting, and well… about lady pirates. And I just plunked down a chunk of change for Donna Tartt’s THE GOLDFINCH, and I’m planning on giving myself a birthday present of taking the time to read it.  I’m in the midst of signing a new client with a manuscript where “a younger Bridget Jones meets a quirkier Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.” It’s a  funny, sexy-smart novel set on Cape Cod. Right now it feels a bit like a crocus.

So how do you get through February? What are you reading? What are you writing?



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15 responses to “Getting Through February: books, crocuses, imagination

  1. Molly Yellin

    I haven’t visited in a long time but I need to agree that so many folks are all involved in the same crap. We often think that this guy or that gal is in a better place and it is just not true .Unless you are E T and you want to go home you and I and the world AGE, and we all are pained by things we witness and we swallow our pride . It turns out that pride is loaded with calories (Humble Pie) So I say that we just have to either hibernate bear like or look towards spring/ mud, manure, and miracles.

  2. Lesley C

    I came here because you said that reading a good picture book is like drinking rum and then I see that the book in question is Fortunately, The Milk. So rum = milk? Fascinating.

    • No no no, silly! FIRST I wrote this blog post. THEN I read some great picture book submissions. THEN I tweeted “Really good picture book manuscript submissions sometimes feel like rum drinks w/umbrellas & crocuses.” And you were supposed to GET that the submissions cheered me up. Like springtime. Duh…

  3. Suffering from guilt when my dog looks at me like “that’s all?” when we turn around only ten minutes into our walk. This winter has kicked my butt.

    Reading Kaaterskill Falls by Allegra Goodman.

  4. Carol Bryant

    I hate to admit it, but I am enjoying winter in the Rocky Mountains, snowshoeing as often as I can. We’re lucky here in Denver. The snow mostly falls in the mountains. But I agree that the cold days that force me to stay indoors suck. I’m reading Call the Midwife.

  5. February is um…er…perfect, I mean, uh, HORRIBLE in Key West. It’s TERRIBLE AND AWFUL. So I’m spending February dreaming and writing and unschooling and searching for a little place to live part-time up north because I’m insane (and some other reasons). We’re all a bunch of lucky bitches, despite a few unrealized (as of yet) goals. 2014 is the Year of Linda. I feel it in my bones.

  6. Oh, a crocus would be so nice. Here in Indiana, it would have to punch its way through the layers of frozen and encrusted ice, but here’s hoping.

  7. Amber

    I’m writing up a storm! The 12×12 is moving! Sorry about your remembered loss, Linda. I know that’s tough.

  8. I so agree with you about February, Linda. It’s a tough one. I’ve been wearing leg warmers (AKA “Canadian lingerie”) over my pants for two months straight. I have no idea what my actual legs look like anymore!

  9. I’m reading John W Dower’s ‘Embracing Defeat’, which is an excellent book, but it sort of matches February (Donna Tartt wins, in terms of entertainment value). I’m sick and tired of February too (and ashamed of myself because I’ve had a good long break and have no business being tired of February)– and I can hardly wait for my first crocus.