Shelfie: Key West Writer


I have stacks of books here and there, but this is the closest thing to a book shelf in my house. It’s actually two cheap DIY closet organizers from Key West Kmart. They’re temporary. Just until I get a string of book deals.

Over the years, my kids have knocked out some of the bookshelf’s faux backing and peeled away pieces of the laminate from the front. Actually, I think some of that just fell off because sometimes you get what you pay for. About two years ago I stopped trying to fill in all the exposed particle board with a brown Sharpie because it looked equally ridiculous and because Sharpies are expensive.

On top are several out-of-control plants that will not die. And a nativity scene that my daughter loves and sets up every year. It’s old. As old as me. I added the bobble head Quitter Pope Benedict to the scene because I think I’m funny and because I’m passive-aggressive.

The dollar store glass crucifix is from my grandma. She probably gave it to me because she loved me and because she wanted to bring me back to Jesus. I like it because it reminds me of my grandma.

Some of the books on the shelf are great. Some are terrible. Everybody throws shit in there. I only dust it if I have a head’s up that my mother-in-law is coming over.

I like books a lot. So very much. But they’re not my whole life. Sometimes writers lie about that.

R.L. Saunders


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8 responses to “Shelfie: Key West Writer

  1. Yes, this is the spirit of Key West in a nutshell.

  2. I want to meet this writer, too!

  3. Ba ha! Writers do lie about that! Amazing post, RL!

  4. Love this shelfie! I want to meet this writer. Fun, creative-totally ‘off the shelf.’