Shelfie: An Editor Decorates


When your bookshelves are the main decorative feature in your dining room, they better look nice! Also a great way to immediately turn the conversation toward books when new people come over 🙂

~Anna Klenke, editor~


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6 responses to “Shelfie: An Editor Decorates

  1. I have friends who’ve done this, but then they are both poets. Says something, don’t you think? I’ve got a post filled with my shelfies and with links to other bloggers’ shelfies. Nothing more fun than ogling other people’s books!

  2. With all my agonizing over how to organize my books (By country or native language? By Genre, then possibly sub genre? By author? No matter how I do it there are always questions, such as does the french poetry go with the French section, or in the poetry section????) I never once thought of doing it by color. Hmm, maybe I should relax.

  3. Judy R

    Love it. A rainbow of expression!

  4. Love that rainbow effect 🙂

  5. Wow! That bookshelf is waaaaayyyy too organized for me. Makes me feel like a whirlwind hit my house.