What are you doing here?!

holly-leaves-21Get off your computer, iPad, smartphone, or other electronic device!

G0 give someone a gift. Read a book. Make a pot of tea. Practice speaking French. Take a walk in the woods/on the beach/in the park/around the block. Write a poem. Open the window. Go in a hot tub. Do 10 pushups. Exercise your smile muscles. Learn a new word. Play with your yoyo. Look at a photo album. Hug someone. Take the dog for a walk. Call your mother. Write a fan letter. Play a board game. Do yoga. Count your blessings. Tell someone you love them. Eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Say you’re sorry. Water your plants. Make a new friend. Give yourself a treat. Take the day off.

(And I don’t care if it’s not your holiday, either. Give me a break…)

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