Shelfies: Posting Pics of Our Bookcases

In response to 2013 being what some have called “the year of the selfie,” The Guardian requested “shelfies,” pictures of bookcases! So I’d like to share some of the spots where books live in my house, and would love if you’d send me some of your “shelfies,” which I will post here on the blog next week (see below on how to send it to me).

IMG_1866Many of my books live in my home office, in a bookcase I coveted for many years and finally was able to buy. It’s supposedly a replica of an English bookcase, whatever that means. I love it because it takes up the whole wall and is so solidly there.


More books in my office live in an antique piece I inherited from my grandmother’s house. I remember as a child loving this bookcase because you need a key to open the doors. When the bookcase became mine, I immediately tied a red ribbon onto the key, knowing how easily I could lose it. 


The other place books live in my office are hidden away, in stacks, in just about every corner, and on my desk and on random chairs. I like this picture because I get to show off my Underwood. 🙂

Send pics of YOUR bookcase to my email address with “Shelfie” in the subject line, and I’ll be posting them from December 25 – 31. Extra points if you give the picture a snazzy title!


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5 responses to “Shelfies: Posting Pics of Our Bookcases

  1. Love your Shelfies, and the typewriter!

  2. Lesley C

    I’m coming over to live in your house 😛