Re-opening to Unsolicited Queries


I am officially back open to unsolicited queries. I’d like to take a moment to remind folks what kind of manuscripts I am NOT looking for.

Although I do represent some picture book authors, I am NOT currently open to unsolicited picture book manuscripts.

I do NOT represent thrillers of any sort. So that means a psychological thriller, a political thriller, an eco-terrorist thriller, a medical or legal or scifi thriller: No thanks!

I am NOT looking for any kind of horror or romance or romantic horror or horrific romance. I am NOT looking for erotica.

I am also NOT currently looking for memoirs or creative non-fiction or even non-creative non-fiction.

So, what am I looking for, you might ask?

I’m looking for middle grade, young adult, and adult literature, trending toward the literary, with an off-beat sensibility. I’m looking for speculative fiction that asks hard questions and leans left. I’ve said it before but, I’m looking for a story I’ve never heard before or a familiar story told in a new way. Above all, I’m looking for impeccable, captivating, character driven stories that don’t skimp on plot.

imgresAnd please know that if you DO NOT follow my submission guidelines  you are seriously driving down the chance that I will even read your query. That is to say, please send me a short query letter that tells me a little bit about your manuscript and  a little bit about yourself, and then include the first 20 pages in the body of the email. If you add an attachment  your query will be deleted unread. If you address your query letter to anyone but me, your query will be deleted unread. If you “pre-query” by asking me if I’m interested in you sending me a query, your query will be deleted unread.

Check here and here for info on good queries and here for some of my pet peeves.


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2 responses to “Re-opening to Unsolicited Queries

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  2. Sorry, then, to have sent you a memoir query this morning, before you’d posted this. Your submission guidelines at Jennifer DeChiara still say you’re interested in certain memoirs. I’m sorry I won’t have a chance to work with you, but I suppose you’re better off focusing on fiction, especially the YA fiction your current clients do so well. Best wishes!