Five Lovely Things About Today

images-11. Reading on the train.

2. Having coffee with an editor friend, just for fun, to catch up, laugh and hear baby stories.

3. Taking a client out for lunch, to meet for the first time, and dance a little happy dance.

4. More reading on the train.

5. Coming home to lilacs and viburnum.


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8 responses to “Five Lovely Things About Today

  1. I can’t get enough of baby stories, or reading, or viburnum.

    • 1) Waking up with my two cats,Serena and Tiger (an adopted stray kitten) curled up on my extra pillow; 2) Knowing that in a disagreement with a ghost-writing client, my boss has my back; 3) looking forward to Torah study and prayer at the synagogue; 4) Looking forward even more to seeing my children after services and doing MMA with my son on the mat I schlep for us; 5) This picture, which I will see when I step out my door:

  2. 1. Starting my very first library science course
    2. Reading a book my kid recommended to me
    3. An unexpected morning nap
    4. A friend’s appreciation when I brought her something unexpected
    5. A 30 minute workout on the Wii

  3. Several good reasons not to by NYC-based. Although agents taking the train in from CT got an unscheduled free (at least out-of-office) day.

  4. Sitting on the patio, in the evening after dinner with my husband. Having my grandson and son stop by for no reason at all – just to say hi. Weeding my garden after being away for three weeks. Leading my fitness class for very appreciative women. We should always look for the pleasant things in each day, the things that make us smile. Thanks for the inspiration, Linda.

  5. Two more lovely things about today:
    1) Reading to my kids as I walk them to school. (They haven’t let me get run over yet. . . .)

    2) Life.

  6. That does sound like a lovely day.