Spring is Like a Perhaps Hand

IMG_1475There are little green shoots pushing their way up through the soil in my back yard. Tiny hyacinths and snow bells. Intrepid harbingers of springtime. Like many people, for me spring is the season of hope. It’s funny because I’m usually not a big proponent of hoping. That is to say, I don’t believe hoping does any good. I’m a take action kind of person, a doing kind of person. Hoping, in the sense of wishing something will happen, just seems like a big waste of time. But springtime holds that other kind of hope. The anticipatory kind. The kind that you know something’s going to happen and you kind of lean in, waiting for it.

As such, I like books that are hopeful. Even if the whole plot is dark or scary or weird or dystopian or there are damaged people in it, if there is some semblance of hope, some hint that things will all work out or get better, I’m good. When a story basically holds no hope, I just don’t enjoy the experience of reading it and I usually won’t recommend it to anyone else, either. Sometimes, when I look around at the actual world that we live in, I am overwhelmed with it all. For me, reading is the antidote to that.



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4 responses to “Spring is Like a Perhaps Hand

  1. Diane

    Ok my Nutella/5-olive friend, if there’s no hope, there’s no action. Hope is step one and action is step two. For example, step one – I hope I don’t have a headache from a second glass of wine; step two – have a second glass of wine. Probably not a good example!! My novel, SHE-EAGLE, is a much better example – if there’s hope, courage will follow….and courage leads to action and action leads to change!

  2. Thanks for sending me back to the e.e. cummings poem with your title!

  3. Sigh.
    Many thanks for a new perspective and a hint of promise. Snow outside still two feet deep. Only fresh smell is from my neighbor’s dryer vent. (Is that Downy or Era?)
    Reconsidering Wisconsin.
    ~Just Jill