Four Things Writers Would Do Well To Remember


1. Show your story, don’t tell it. If you don’t know what that means, find out.

2. Trust your reader to make connections. You don’t have to spell everything out all the time. You don’t always have to make connections for your readers when you’ve adequately set things up for them.

3. Including too many details about (furrowed, raised, glaring) eyebrows and (licked, puckered, gnawed upon, chapped, sweet, wet, pink) lips, can make your characters seem twitchy.

4. Don’t just write what you think will sell; write the story you feel you have to tell. Either it will sell or it won’t. If you are a writer only because you want to sell stuff you’re misguided. Go sell shoes.


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4 responses to “Four Things Writers Would Do Well To Remember

  1. I agree with Ava. #4 is particularly important. I am not a writer by trait though. Someday I’ll get there. My story has to be told. I have made sure it was spread out through print and television media both nationally and internationally. Maybe it is time I switch from a simple blog to a writing a book to tell the full story.

  2. Four great points! I particularly like #4–writers have enough to worry about without worrying about things that are out of our control (i.e.: whether or not the manuscript sells). The best thing we can do is write a novel that we’re passionate about and hope that someone else falls in love with it, too. Thanks for sharing, Linda. πŸ™‚

  3. This is good advice, but it needs a corollary: 5) If you don’t know how to resolve 1) and 3), practice – and join the most demanding critique circle you can find.