7 things I like about being a literary agent…

1. I
love pitching! I mean, I get to call people up on the phone, catch up with those that I know, meet some new people, and then tell them all about a manuscript that I love. How awesome is that?!

What? This doesn't look like me?

What? This doesn’t look like me?


2.  I get to read ALL. THE. TIME.



url-23. It’s great fun going to conferences, meeting folks, trying to help them perfect their craft, and looking for the next great thing.



url-14. I have the opportunity to make a difference in my clients’ manuscripts, just by giving them my opinion. I LOVE giving my opinion. I could (literally) come up with an opinion for just about anything, but my clients actually want to hear my opinion!




    5.  I help people make their dreams come true.




6. I have a built-in mentor and fabulous support system (thanks Jennifer & co.homepageproposal2_01

7. I have the absolute best clients in the whole wide world. They’re an amazing group of talented, smart, funny, hard working, great writers. And sometimes they send me presents.

What did I forget?


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8 responses to “7 things I like about being a literary agent…

  1. Now I really want to help you help me make my dreams come true…

  2. For some reason, number five made me start singing (loudly and off-key): “I believe I can fly!…”

  3. Emily

    This post made me happy.

  4. Great list! But about that photo beside #2? We all know you are MUCH HOTTER than that…

    Your clients are a lucky bunch (and not just because of your hotness…)

  5. Wow LInda,
    Your enthusiasm is downright infectious! If everyone could love what they do as much as you do, dang, what a world it would be. Your clients are so lucky. And I bet you deserve every present they send you.