How to Honor Your Favorite Children’s Bookstore: A Pannell Award Nomination Primer

pulling-hair-outI know, I know, I’m sorry for the radio silence folks. I promise, I’ll be back blogging and blabbing just as soon as my son’s bar mitzvah is in the past instead of looming in my future and torturing me with an endless “to do” list that never gets “to done.” So while you all wait for me to resurface and continue blogging publishing tips, my pearls of wisdom, some random thoughts, and endless ranting, I’d like to share the following with you, in case there’s an independent children’s bookstore you particularly love and care about and would like to honor:




The nomination period for the WNBA Pannell Award has been extended to January 31st!


Since 1983, the Women’s National Book Association has awarded one of the most prestigious honors in children’s bookselling. Given annually at BookExpo America’s Children’s Book and Author Breakfast, the WNBA Pannell Award recognizes bookstores that enhance their communities by bringing exceptional creativity to foster a love of reading and books in their young patrons.

Every year a panel of publishing professionals selects two winners of the award—one a general bookstore and one a children’s specialty bookstore.  The store nominations come from customers, sales reps, store personnel, or anyone who has been impressed with the work of a particular independent bookstore.

Electronic nominations can be sent to and should include the following:

1)    Name, email address, and phone number of person making the nomination

2)    That person’s connection to the nominated store

3)    A brief statement outlining the reasons that store is being nominated

4)    Contact info for the owner/manager of the nominated store.

The nominations will be announced shortly after the new January 31st deadline.  The nominated store then puts together an electronic submission with a description of activities, goals, or any contribution to the local community that involves young people and books. Photos, media coverage, letters from customers, or anything else that transmits the degree of contribution can be included in the submission. The deadline for the store’s submission is March 31, 2013.

The Pannell Award jurors will make their decision by late April, and a phone call will notify the winners, as well as all stores sending submissions. Each of the two winners will receive a $1,000 check and a framed signed original piece of art by a children’s illustrator.  The presentation of the award will be in New York at the BEA/ABA Children’s Book and Author Breakfast, which draws more than 1,000 attendees.

Along with WNBA, Penguin Young Readers Group co-sponsors the award, which was established in honor of Lucille Micheels Pannell,  founding member of one of the WNBA chapters.  Founded in 1917, WNBA is a national organization of women and men who promote the value to the written word by championing the role of women in the book community and by providing a forum for the exchange of ideas and information about book lovers and professionals.


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3 responses to “How to Honor Your Favorite Children’s Bookstore: A Pannell Award Nomination Primer

  1. Ah ha…a bar mitzvah. Now it all makes sense, as in Oy vey and Mazel Tov. Thanks for the info on the Pannell. Before I go to the nominating site, I’ll take this comment box op to do a shout out for Book Court, my awesome, rocking neighborhood bookstore with a great kid’s selection, and a clean accessible bathroom (important when one is reading books by the window on a pee-inspiring rainy day with a bunch of toddlers…)

  2. jrbergstrom

    Greetings Linda, I sent you a query letter three times last year, but I have not heard a word about anything or even a rejection. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’m new to this and I guess I’m still clunky even though I’ve tried to follow specific directions. Sorry to bother you with this. Do you have a suggestion? Best wishes, Janet Bergstrom

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