Giving Thanks 2012

I’m thankful there are so many gluten free options for me and my family.
I’m thankful that I have no desire to shop, even (or especially) on Black Friday.
I’m thankful I live in a country where I can read whatever I want to read.
I’m thankful I have a great boss.
I’m thankful for dictionaries and thesauruses.
I’m thankful for creativity.
I’m thankful I’m surrounded by phenomenal people.
I’m still thankful for Harry Potter.
I’m thankful for chocolate.


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2 responses to “Giving Thanks 2012

  1. I’m thankful for all the above as well. Love the inclusion of Harry. My 20 year old daughter, a voracious reader of all things literary and commercial, still listens to the audiobook version of the complete HP series (read by the brilliant Jim Dale) when getting dressed and ready for her day, when (occasionally) cleaning her dorm room, and every late night when she’s getting ready to crash to sleep (after doing things this mother probably would rather not know about). The HP series is a touchstone for her, still providing a sound score for the mundane tasks of daily living and re-grounding her as she works her way through the quagmire of new adulthood.
    and I’ll add gratitude for:
    roast veggies
    the Blabbermouth!

  2. I am thankful for gluten free too!
    Yum 🙂