Weekend Reading

Drawing by Keith Haring, a brilliant artist

My son is cramming doing the last of his summer reading now because  school starts in just 9 days and he’s not quite done. He’s lucky because his school just wants him to read any old book of his choosing and then write something about it. Back in elementary school the kids had required reading, but he’s in middle school so they let them choose their own books. Of course, even in middle school they have “suggestions,” but my kids never like those suggestions.  So my son chose a steam punk alternative history zombie apocalypse set in Seattle (where we just happened to visit this summer), called BONESHAKER. I couldn’t be happier. Every time he sits down to read it brings a tear to my eye.

So as he’s on the love seat reading, he looks over at me on the coach and says, “Whatcha doing?” I mutter, “Reading a manuscript.” He says, “The same one?” I say, “No, I finished that one. This is a different one.” So he says, “How many did you read this weekend?” I mumble, “This is my second.” His eyebrows dart up, eyes growing larger, and he says, “How many pages is each one?! Like or 200, 300?” So I smile. “Yes,” I say. “About 200 or 300 pages each.” Shaking his head in disbelief he says, “That’s a lot of stories to have in your head. You’re like a human library.” I reply, “Yes, it sure is a lot of stories to have in my head.”


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6 responses to “Weekend Reading

  1. It’s lovely to see kids read. In fact, I don’t know which I enjoy more, watching them eat or watching them read (though in both cases, it helps if what they’ve got is really good).

  2. I wish we’d been able to pick our own books in middle school! I had to read books like THE OUTSIDERS (which I did enjoy) and FLOWERS FOR ALGERNON (which I didn’t).

  3. Your son has far better taste than I did at his age. One of the first books that got me into reading was V.C. Andrews’ FLOWERS IN THE ATTIC. Eww.

  4. My son selected Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson without checking the page count (571 pgs). He finished it yesterday. I asked him what he liked best, he said “Yeah, Steve Jobs smoked pot!”

    Needless to say, I had hoped he would get more out it than that!

  5. My son isn’t a big reader, but he enjoys it when he does. My daughter, OTOH, goes though books like she goes though socks: quickly while leaving them everywhere.

  6. My daughter is six and hasn’t caught the reading bug yet, but she’s learning and often gets frustrated. It pulls my hearts strings when she sees me engrosed in a book and asks, “what’ch reading?” Recently, I had the immense pleasure of telling her the story was about a midnight circus where wizards have a battle. Her eyes widened and we sat down to read. Sigh.