Getting Real Mail: 3 Lovely Things That Made My Day

I’ve seen a lot of pictures lately on Facebook of “old fashioned” things like dial telephones, roller skate keys, disposable camera flashbulbs. Can you guess what this is?! Do you remember?! Today, my mailman, who delivers my mail made out of paper, to my mailbox made out of metal, brought me three lovely things. One day, I imagine, this could be a thing of the past, too. Like the milkmen. Or the knife sharpening truck dinging its way through my neighborhood. But until that time comes, I can’t help but get excited when my mailbox is full, and it appears like it’s not all bills and supermarket fliers. Today was that day.

The first lovely thing was in a padded envelope. As I lifted it out of the mailbox I felt what was inside shift in a satisfying way. This was an expected package. Something I ordered. I put it aside for later.

The second lovely thing came in a smallish, bright yellow envelope, the address sloping down to the right, the stamp that I had packed in my son’s camp duffel bag stuck on slightly askew. This was an expected letter. I put that one aside for later too.

The third lovely thing came in a manilla envelope, hand addressed to me. As I slid the magazine out, a card fluttered to the ground. I picked it up and read the note my client had penned, acknowledging me for my support. I smiled. But then the p.s. explained that the drawing of a house on the front of the card was an artist’s rendition of the actual house that inspired my client’s manuscript, which I currently have out on submission. Tears threatened.

I re-read the short story that was published in the magazine, third place winner of their fiction contest. I read the (very short) note from my son, about how great camp is even though the food was better last year. And then I dug into the bag of black jelly beans that I’d ordered, an attempt to satisfy my licorice craving in my gluten free world.

Some days are saved by what we get in the mail. Some days are made by it. When was the last time your day was changed by the mailman?


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6 responses to “Getting Real Mail: 3 Lovely Things That Made My Day

  1. I won a string of solar-powered bee lights from an online garden shop, for a 100-word story I sent them about a bug. Just opening that box and finding that the bees on it really DID look like bees made my day.

  2. When mail becomes like the pony express I will be in mourning. Last month I received a wonderful package from a dear friend. We have been sending each other letters for the past ten years and that is what I would miss the most. There’s nothing like a letter sent by mail and email will never compare. Dial phones were pretty rad too!

  3. Similar…a client sent me payment and a note thanking me for my assistance. I write a journal, and those concrete connections always get taped inside the pages. I look back at them often, especially on the crazy wheel-spinning-what-am-I-doing-here days. Oh, wait! I *can* make a difference just as soon as I get that wheel unstuck! 🙂

  4. Milk box. I loved my old milk box. It was my favorite hanging out chair on the front stoop.

  5. What a wonderful mail day! It’s been a while, but a few months ago I posted a blog about handwritten letters and offered to send notes to my blogging/tweeting friends who wanted one. What transpired after that was a spate of letters back and forth between me and about ten bloggy friends. It was wonderful. Always something to look forward to in the mailbox and so cool to see how everyone wrote, the paper they chose, etc. Definitely made my day(s)… more than a few!

  6. Rhona

    ‘Raindrops on roses, and whiskers on kittens. . . . . brown paper packages tied up with string.’ Maria Von Trapp is a little saccharine for most, but I do love the imagery of the brown paper packages. Is there a store anywhere in the world that still wraps up your goodies like that?

    I did receive two books in the post from a friend a few days ago which was made even more delicious because she had read them and thought I would like them too! One down, one to go, and she’s absolutely right!

    Thank you Gloria!