More writing advice to writers. From writers.

Here are links to blog posts by some of my writer friends, and clients, and client friends, about writing. I’m so lucky to hang out with such a bunch of smarty pantsssssss’.

Ruth Horowitz on Details

Emily Saso on Books About Writing

Stacy Mozer on Finding Your Characters’ Voice

Amalia Gladhart on Running and Writing

Katherine Sparrow’s Picks of Podcasts for Storytellers

And of course you should check out the blog of the New York Chapter of the Women’s National Book Association. Even if you’re not a woman. Because I manage it. And I have fab interns doing awesome work on it. And because it’s great!

Ok. I’m getting back to work. And yes, I do know this was a lazy blog post.




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7 responses to “More writing advice to writers. From writers.

  1. Sarah

    Thanks, Linda. I’m adding Ruth’s blog to my favorites. She is wise and wonderful!

  2. Thanks for these! I definitely could use some advice on finding my character’s voice right about now.

  3. Thanks for linking my post, Linda. I hope your readers enjoyed it.

    • When I read your post today, it was so good, so on the money, that I didn’t think I could say it any better than you did! So I was inspired to link to some of the other blog wisdom of my friends & clients as well.

  4. Lazy blog post or not, these links are great. Thank you!

  5. Not lazy if it has good links!

  6. Thank you for leaving these links, I need to visit the first three right away!