I’d love to find a manuscript about…

You know what kind of manuscript I’d love to find?! I’d love to find an historical literary fiction set in GreenwichVillage in 1979. Or a YA Steampunky story where the Steampunkness is incidental and the story part is phenomenal. Or a very sad story about two best friends. Or a really romantic gay love story set at the turn of the last century.  Or a MG story for boys with some adventure and personal growth but no paranormal or fantastical creatures. Or a feminist retelling of a Celtic pre-Christian legend. Or a story that takes place on an island. Or a story about food. Or a road trip. Or hats.

I have eclectic taste in literature. I don’t really know what I want to find until I find it. I like to keep my options open. I like to take chances. I like to be moved. And to think.

How about you? Do you already know what you like to read? Do you ever think outside that box?


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14 responses to “I’d love to find a manuscript about…

  1. Why do so few, if any, literary agents, want to read, much less represent a literary novel? I know, the obvious answer is they don’t sell. Saul Bellow could never sell “The Adventures of Augie March” in this market. All those Rabbit stories John Updike wrote would be at the bottom of the slush pile. More currently, a story about a young man from a working class family, who because he works part time, finishes near the bottom of his class in law school is, before fortune shines on him, a failure. Like me so far with “After Law School.”

  2. I’ve got eclectic tastes in literature, and I’m guessing a lot of people do, but haven’t been tested. Living for years in a country with few books in English can be eye-opening and mind-broadening.

  3. My tastes are so eclectic! But a very sad story about two best friends sounds right up my alley… hmm, maybe you’ll get a query for it by the end of 2012 😉

  4. Lately I only seem to want to read about teenagers having sex. That’s sounds worse than it actually is.

  5. Interestingly my current WIP incorporates all of those elements. I call it “The Goggle-Wearing Weather Underground Hardy Boys Meet Female Bran Mak Morn and Learn a Lesson About Life, Hot Dogs, and Fedoras on Their Trip to Brokeback Island.” It’s, ah, for kind of a niche audience.

  6. Sarah

    Food comes up quite a bit in my ms. Young women have such a complicated relationship with food — comfort, love and angst all rolled together.

  7. How about a m.s. with a strong female lead in a thriller who has a road trip taking her from Miami to Key West? Key West is an island? 🙂

  8. I’m really into religious nonfiction. But in a “what do people believe and why do people believe it?” sort of way. I’d love to read more YA that focuses on those types of themes.

  9. Over the past few months I’ve read some MG historical fiction (something I’d never have picked up when I was an actual middle-grader, unfortunately) and was surprised to find that I liked one and loved another. I previously had a baseless “I don’t really do historical fiction” attitude. I don’t know, maybe I had a leftover fear that it would be too much like reading a book the teacher picked and forced me to read. You know, smart and boring.

    Oh, and I got your island story RIGHT HERE.