New Year. New Word.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. The word resolute just doesn’t work for me. It means, “admirably purposeful, determined and unwavering.” Sheesh. I know that’s what we should all aspire to be, but for me I need a little fun thrown in. And quite frankly, with “resolute” there’s just no wiggle room. Nope. No resolutions for me. But possibilities… Now there’s a word! I like creating New Year’s possibilities! A possibility is, “the state or fact of being likely or possible; likelihood.” And also, “unspecified qualities of a promising nature; potential.”

You see, I know what happens when I’ve tried to make resolutions. Some of them I achieve and some of them I don’t. When I don’t fulfill on a resolution it’s very difficult for me to feel anything except: FAIL. (I’m not alone here, am I?) I’m not up for creating that for my new year.

When I create a possibility though, I’m drafting a road map to a destination to which I’m intending to arrive. We all know how that goes. Sometimes we take a side road due to traffic, or because we’re distracted, or maybe just to see some beautiful scenery, or perhaps to get there quicker, or even to avoid rough road conditions. And breakdowns will occur, so we might need to call in some help or just sit on the side of the road crying a bit. (Yes. Crying.)  Or the whole journey can slow down due to unforeseen circumstances or from things that are just out of our control. (My control freak nightmare.) But if we know we’re still on that path, well… That seems like possibility to me! And then there are  journeys which just go smoothly from start to finish. We can even get to our destination sooner than we thought sometimes, and then have the chance to create something else! That’s what I’m talkin’ about, baby. 

Here’s my New Year’s possibility for 2012: Having Dreams Come True!  And my dreams touch all areas of my life, from my physical, emotional and intellectual well-being, to my finances, where I travel, what I do with my day, who I hang out with. So in 2012 I’m absolutely committed to having dreams come true, both my own and for the people with whom I work and play.

What’s possible for you in 2012?


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10 responses to “New Year. New Word.

  1. I don’t do resolutions either. I’ll raise a glass and toast to a year of having dreams come true though! Cheers!

  2. Stefanie Lipsey

    Linda, love your resolution! May 2012 be the year of dreams fulfilled. I also love the pics of a cosmo followed by a bloody Mary. The celebratory cocktail followed by hangover juice.

    My New Year’s Eve was wonderful. You see, I went to this fabulous party where someone gave me a card with a very powerful image. The next day, I realized how eerily synchonistic the message was. I had been working with that image all along! It inspired my first blog post of 2012 and more, waaaay more –

    Thank you, Linda for sharing your wisdom and gifts. Happy New Year!!

  3. Making resolutions is like having epiphanies; the inspiration is easy enough to conjure up, but acting on them is a hard slog that takes real discipline. Making resolutions is too much like deciding to diet on a full belly. I like the idea of committing myself to possibilities.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Well obviously I love that resolution. 🙂 Happy New Year, Linda!

  5. Sarah

    In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was “possibility,” and the Word was good. Happy New Year!