Take a Poll: My Query to Queriers

As I work diligently on reading all of the Elevator Pitches and try to wade through my slush pile, swim through submissions and dive into all the full manuscripts sitting in my in-box, I thought I’d amuse myself by posing a question to all you lovelies:


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5 responses to “Take a Poll: My Query to Queriers

  1. Sometimes there’s outdated or just plain bad info available from various sources (writers’ blogs, forums, AQ…). Best to go by what the agent has listed on the agency website right before you query.

  2. I probably wouldn’t send an agent my manuscript if they don’t represent my genre, however, if I did it would probably be because the agents been in the business a long time and I’m hoping they can pass it along to an agent that may be interested. Not sure if agents do such a thing, but I’m an attorney and we pass along clients all the time if we know someone in a particular field.

  3. Based on the final answer, I’m guessing this poll is just for shits and giggles. However, assuming that the querier isn’t just ignorant, the most likely answer is the one about agents being open to all good manuscripts, regardless of genre. A lot of agents have a “I’d prefer to have the chance to reject the next Harry Potter rather than not see it” clause on their guidelines. I don’t assume that’s an industry standard, but sometimes I’ll take a shot at an agent outside my normal bailiwick based on that kind of attitude.

  4. An

    Even though I know I wouldn’t, I chose “Because I don’t know how to find out what genres they do represent….”

    And if I can end the sentence, “… and I’m too lazy to figure out what genres they represent.”

  5. I’m guessing the main reason someone would query someone who doesn’t represent their genre is because the lack of research. I wish I could find an agent that listed that they represented educational books for kids. I’m not even sure if that is a genre??? (blushes)