Act II of Linda’s life!

Some of you may have seen my blog post that sneaked out last week, totally by accident, which announced in a beautiful way that I have become a literary agent at The Jennifer DeChiara Literary Agency. I pulled the post down because the website wasn’t yet working and Jennifer wanted to properly announce the good news (tomorrow, but I’ll be away from my computer for a good part of the day) and I wanted all the ducks to be lined up nice and straight. Well, I lost that well written, lovely version, so I’m just saying it: I’m an agent! So check the website for my submission guidelines, and please don’t query here. (It will get deleted unread.) And yes. I’ve been dancing the happy dance. A lot.

It’s amazing when we get the things we’ve worked really hard to achieve! What have you achieved recently? What are you proud of?


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15 responses to “Act II of Linda’s life!

  1. Cheers, Linda! I’m grateful for your read of my ms. in what I take it was Act I; all best in this new act!

  2. Robin C

    That’s awesome! Congrats.


    Need an assistant?

  3. Radiant Linda – I know you will succeed at anything you do. “Ahtch-kut looys” (literally, “a light in your eye,”) which is how Armenians say “congratulations” !

  4. laura owen

    I’m very happy for you Linda, félicitations!!!x

  5. Peg

    congratulations! how exciting!