I want to get a tatoo. It will be something to remind me about balance. Yin and yang. Eros and Thanatos. Joy and despair. Laughter and tears. Up and down. Fat and thin. Um, you get the picture…

Today I had the experience of making one author very happy and one author kind of sad. The funny thing is that I’m confident that in both instances I was acting in the author’s best interest. But just because I knew I was doing the right thing it didn’t mean I was happy  to do it.


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2 responses to “Balance

  1. Just about everything is a balance of sorts. When cooking we try to balance the sweet and sour. Lemon and sugar are often balanced in salad dressings, cabbage soup and sauces. Same goes for relationships, and don’t tell me yours have not had highs and pitfalls because all of them do. The reality truly is the garlic in the stew. Too much you get heartburn, not enough and it is bland. Write your own recipes to suite your taste. For everything is that perfection that we long for and what we actually end up with.

  2. That’s a great idea for a tattoo. It applies to everything in life, balance. It’s timeless.

    – Ermisenda