You Can Stroke People With Words

I commissioned some jewelery to be made for me recently, by a very talented and creative jewelery artist. She took some of my old jewelery (like a gold rope chain from the ’70s!), melted the metal down and made some very cool new things for me. She and I were sitting in her studio, talking about some of the work she was doing, and she pointed out to me what she referred to as her “desk.” It was a very messy, beautiful work bench, filled with all kinds of fancy little tools, jewelery findings, gold dust, special jewelery making gadgets, magnifying lenses and lights. It was pretty cool.

I mentioned to her that I’m a writer and my life is cluttered with the tools of my trade, too. Besides piles and piles of books and other reading material in every single room of my house, I seem to find words everywhere. I collect words like other people collect Hummel figures or tea towels or whatever people collect these days. I explained how I’m terrible at reading picture books, graphic novels or comics because if there are words on a page I just look at those. I can’t even force myself to notice the pictures. (Ok, that’s a lie. I’ve read and loved every picture book  Kevin Henkes has written. But, you’ll notice that Mr. Henkes puts a lot of words in his pictures! And I was wonderstruck reading an ARC of Brian Selznick’s Wonderstruck, too. But he’s smart and doesn’t put words on the pages with the pictures. Love that!) But I digress. As usual.

As a writer, I find that I trip over words; I brush words off my kitchen table; I load words into the trunk of my car; Words grow in my back garden; I buy words in the grocery store; I punch words into my computer and then words spew out of the printer; I tickle my husband with words; My dogs shit words; Words are in my closets and under my bed; The doctor listens to the words in my chest when I cough; and when I blow my nose out come words.

How about you? Do you find your life cluttered with tools of your trade? Do you have a neat desk?


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3 responses to “You Can Stroke People With Words

  1. My head is so cluttered with words it’s ridiculous. I’ll never get them all out (which is probably a good thing). Sometimes when people talk, I picture their words. I may be crazy. But not in a stalker kind of way, so you can relax. 🙂

  2. After 25 years of marriage I demanded my own room. One that no one else can use. I sold the bedroom furniture and bought some office furniture from Target and moved some bookshelves and a recliner in my office. When I got done setting up my office I looked around and realized that it looked like my corner of the classroom. I taught third and fourth grade for 17 years…My office is full of books, journals, art supplies, craft projects waiting to be written up…It’s really organized, but you have to know my system. LOL!