Glurp, glurp, glurp.

Five days in a row of blogging. Slogging through the muck and mire of my lack of imagination, the boggy morass called “What do I write about today?” Did you have as much fun as I?


Here are the results of the book contest: I gave away 4 books I got at the Book Expo. I’m donating 10 more to my local library and I’m hanging on to about 10 that I just won’t give up. I’ve read 3 of my 10 in the past week. Fondling my Oscar Wilde action figure also inspired me to read De Profundis this week, as well. I spent an inordinate amount of time on Twitter and Facebook this week, pimping this blog to drive up participation in the contest. Result of all that Twitter/FB time: Fail.

Besides wanting to have some fun and give away books, I was looking to increase the number of people who subscribe to the blog as well as the number of readers. Well, it was nice talking to you all.

Why don’t you subscribe? Should I take that personally? How come you don’t comment? Is it about you or me?


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6 responses to “Glurp, glurp, glurp.

  1. Eh. At least you’re actually trying to expand your readership.

    Also, how’d that split POV/Split Time WWII novel turn out? Any progress?

  2. This is my first visit, Linda…I’ll subscribe. 🙂 I for sure don’t want you to be mad at me already….Usually it takes months before I make new friends mad. (wink)

  3. Rhonda

    Okay, hold your daggers. I tried it again and I was prompted to do something I don’t remember doing before. I’m certain I screwed it up all by myself the first time. Slog on.

  4. Rhonda

    I subscribed at the beginning, but I’m not sure I get any kind of email notification of a new post. Am I supposed to? I think I click over here if I happen to see the link on FB or twitter, but no email reminder.

    Whenever I think about starting a blog (I’d probably just paste my column for the week on the blog) I think about the frustrations of bloggers who all seem to be in the same boat.

    People will show up (and they’re probably already here, lurking, looking for a cozy spot to sit). I think these things always build painfully slowly. Just hang in there. You’re awesome.

    • If you have subscribed, you should be getting an e-mail each time I post. If you’re not getting one, try subscribing again or take a look to see if there’s some kind of preference or something that needs to be checked or unchecked. I don’t do “painfully slow” very well. Expect more mushroom clouds, swamps & bogs and self-pity. It’s part of my appeal, don’t you think?! Also, probably better than the knives, daggers & scalpels which I can also wield! Really though, thanks for following and commenting.